round ligament pain

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round ligament pain

is no fun! Today was hard to walk at times it was so painful. I kept checking the tp to make sure that nothing else was happening.

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Yes! I keep feeling random pains when I move and it's no fun.

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Funny how you mention this! I was sitting in my car today and felt immediate thought was, "Must find a bathroom with TP!" It was not comfortable at all. Heck...if it means I experience more of this to house the baby...bring it on!!! Smile

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I notice the same thing when I get up from a chair, or move quickly! Ouch!

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When you first posted this I hadn't felt any RL pain. But man, this morning I sneezed really hard, and it felt like I gave myself a hernia. But I'm sure it was just round ligament pain. NOT FUN!! haha I felt the soreness later on in the day as I was loading and unloading groceries. Smile