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is ridiculous at this point. I was out of breath just trying to shave my calves, let alone anything else. Anyone had a brazillian (or similar ) wax during pregnancy? I can't stand to just let it be and I can't see to shave anything so I figure I'll pay someone else to get it done. I've never had one non-pregnant, so hoping it's not so bad??

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No but I have my hubby help me with that he don't mind go figure Wink

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I am still not having any trouble. My belly still doesnt stick out very far.

With ds I was able to shave down there and my legs while in labor with contracts 4 minutes apart. I am glad I did because I ended up with a good looking very young doc for the delivery Smile

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I can still shave my legs no problem, but, not so much the hair down there! At this point, especially since my husband is on another continent, I've given up for a while. I kept thinking last pregnancy that I would end up waxing, but I never did- I've never waxed anything other than my legs, and although I think I probably *could* deal with it, I never get around to it.

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I did a bikini wax last time and will again this time. The pain is bearable and we live next to the beach and will have a waterpark pass too. Totally worth it IMO.

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I'm totally with ya. I tried to take care of things down there last week with a mirror and it just wasn't happening!! We are going on a beach vacation soon, so I am thinking of doing a wax as well. I had a few prior to DD1, and then one when I was prego with her and I thought it was pretty painful (more so than when I wasn't prego), but worth it in the end.

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I have had one full brazilian wax in my life and it was SOOO painful I would never do it again!
I just ask hubby to help me with the shaving once i can no longer manage!

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i am going to make my dh help me once i get frustrated with shaving...i am too cheap to wanna spend money on myself sometimes so in this instance it may be a good thing!!! everyone i know that has had one didn't like it so i'm not tempted to try it, lol!

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I shave by feel. Don't need to see anything lol. But if were going to go out in a bathing suit I would definitely check the mirror to make sure I didn't miss anything - don't want loose "threads" hanging out for all the kids at the pool to see haha.

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Right now I'm still managing-- though it takes near acrobatics to access everything. Smile

I've waxed before, but I don't like it. Something about being a red head and waxing down there leaves me with tiny blood blisters at the site-- not pretty!

We are going to the beach in May and I'll be sure to do a thorough shaving/trimming then. Wink

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LOL! What an interesting post! I shave...done it for so many years that I can do it blindfolded - Yup, I am a MacGuiver in the shower!