Shots? =(

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Shots? =(

Yesterday was Daniel's 2mo check-up, he's doing fantastic.. but we got shots. Sad
I feel like I went blindly into it and exposed him to God knows what just because the doctor said to. I told my dad and he flipped. I'm paranoid now that Daniel's going to get sick because of the vaccination and I've been hovering over him constantly. What is everyone else doing?

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((HUGS)) Don't fret. I'm sure Daniel is just fine. The vast MAJORITY of kids/babies follow the vax schedule for a reason.

We do vax, but we switch up the schedule a bit. If you don't feel good about it, you can always read and inform yourself for the next appointment. I like the Dr. Sears Vax book, it gives good pros/cons and risks for each shot, so you can decide on your own.

Shots are hard, mama. Just wait until you are taking a 5 year old for shots-- those are the worst. It is like they know it is going to hurt and anticipate it-- sucks!

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We follow the CDC's schedule. The biggest reaction I know of to any vaccine IRL is that some kids run a fever afterwards. Your doctor shouldn't mind going over each shot and explaining what they are for. Why was your dad upset?

We aren't big fans of Dr. Sears.

Science-Based Medicine ? Cashing In On Fear: The Danger of Dr. Sears

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We do a delayed schedule for Abram and seperate the big shots out so his little body doesn't get so much at one time. It is such a personal decision on what you do and typically people have strong opinions both ways. I highly recommend that YOU research each vaccine and decide for yourself what is best for YOUR child.

That said, we got shots yesterday too and I HATE them. I handled them much better with Abram then I ever did with my first. He was a fuss pot all night long and we only got two shots as we delayed the DTAP since that one typically has the most reactions.

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No shots here yet but that's because we haven't had her 2 month checkup. I only do two shots at a time, ever. But we get them all except for the rotavirus, as my children aren't in daycare. I think vaccinations are a blessing considering the alternative, we just do them slower than suggested.

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I also vax on a spread out, delayed schedule. It is a decision you have to make on your own. Also, whenever you're in a doc's appt, please speak up! Ask questions, slow down what the doc is trying to rush through- you are the parent and you should feel comfortable with whatever is going on- whether it's an exam, a shot or whatever! I know that is sometimes easier said than done- docs can be intimidating, especially to a FTP. Good luck!

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I agree, shots are hard. We also do a delayed schedule. I feel comfortable doing it that way since my kids have minimal exposure. I might feel differently if they were in daycare and coming into contact with a lot of kids. I always worry some after they get a shot. Part of me just feels like it's wrong to be injecting things into their little bodies but I certainly do not want my kids to become unnecessarily sick. My doctor tells me that their risk of being injured by a vaccine is like the height of a person and the risk of being "injured" by an illness is like the Empire State Building. I try to trust that is what is best.

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"wlillie" wrote:

Why was your dad upset?

My dad said he's too young to be exposed to the virus's even if they are weakened. He said he'd wait til he's 2 years old for big shots like that.

Daniel's been a little fussier than usual but he seems to be handling it well. I'm definately hesitating and reading up on the 4 month shots.

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jayden had his last week...was a tad p/o bc he got all of them in one visit. a total of 4 shots. the nurse who did it, held him down to give three of the shots in his leg. i asked to grab his bottle to mmake it easier on both of them but just hurried up and did it. jayden was fussy that night thanks to the witch of a nurse. next ones i get done will be one at a time or i will be looking around for a new peditrician.

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I am a bit late to this conversation but I just wanted to add a little info. I work in public health in Canada so I suppose our vaccination schedule could be a little different here but where I work kiddies are 12 months old before they receive their first live vaccine (MMR-Varicella).