Should I be worried??

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Should I be worried??

I just got a notice in the mail.......... I failed the one hour glucose test. I am totally frustrated for a couple reasons, my dr didnt call me and I really wasnt worried in the slightest about this test. I'm in great shape, I eat healthy, I am young, I excersize. I have to take the 3 hour test now. What is that? My blood sugar was 147? Is that really bad? Anyone have experience with this? I WILL call my dr in the morning. Just worried wanted to ask questions.

Thanks for reading... suggestions and wisdom more than welcome.

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A lot of people fail the one hour. I actually failed with a 141 and I met someone who failed with a 140. They don't want it above 139. With the 3 hour you'll get 4 blood at the beginning to make sure you fasted (I think with every 3 hour you have to fast). Then once every hour and if you fail I think 2 of the tests they'll set you up with a special diet plan.

I failed the one hour with DD1 and passed the 3 hour. I passed the 1 hour with DD2 and then this time around is when I failed with a 141. I honestly wouldn't worry too much since you didn't fail by much. The dr will tell you to eat pasta the 3 days before (I think that long) and fill up on carbs.

I do find it weird that they didn't call you. But every dr is different. If you have any questions make sure you ask your dr, that's what they're there for (and of course the ladies one these boards!) Oh and make sure you take a book or something with you because you can't walk around because it messes with the results (this is what they told me at the lab).

Don't stress too much about it!

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I had GD with my last pregnancy, although my numbers were borderline. They had me control by diet and finger pricks after each meal.

This time I had the option of doing the one hour or going straight to the 2 hour ( we don't do a three hour here) I opted for the two hour.

In my experience, you fast overnight starting at 8 pm. No liquids or food. Then they schedule you as early as possible. I had to be at the lab for 8 am. They take your blood for your fasting numbers. Then you drink the drink and wait an hour. They take your blood again and you wait the second hour. Then they draw your blood again and you leave. It's not the funnest 2 hours, but I did get some good reading done. Then I went home and drank an obscene amount of water. I now look like a drug user with all the needle pokes ( I am HORRID to get blood from, it takes numerous attempts every time)

I don't yet know my results. I figure I'll know Monday ( just did the test yesterday)
In all honesty, I didn't find having GD all that bad. The finger pricks suck, but you get used to it. And the diet is actually pretty awesome. It forces you to eat really well, but very often. Your constantly snacking on healthy foods. I actually continued the diet after while I was nursing, just not as strictly.
Oh, And my daughter was born on her due date at 7 lbs 10oz so she wasn't a huge baby.

I know I didn't answer your questions really, I just though I'd give you my experience.
I'm not sure about your 147 as my doctor uses a different scale ( when I was doing finger pricks anything over 9 was high depending on what I had ate)

Hope that helped somehow. Good luck

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With my DD I failed the one hour (oops, guess I shouldn't have had that donut for breakfast). I took the 3 hour and passed with flying colors. My doctor's office told us they no longer do the 1 hour because SO many women fail it then end up passing the 3 hour.. so they do the 2 hour one Brooke did this time around. Anyways, I would talk to your doctor but I wouldn't worry at all.

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Wish I could tell you. I go in Monday at 0700 for my 3 hr test. Not looking fwd to it but going to bring a good book!

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I'm sorry you failed the 1 hour. Lots of women do-- so don't panic. It truly isn't a reliable test.....

If you don't want to take the 3 hour you can ask your doc to just start monitoring with finger pricks and a glucose monitor at home (it is more effective at finding GD than either of the screening tests anyways....) Typically, you would self-test at home for about a week, record your numbers and then report back to your OB. Or you can just switch to the GD diet and assume that your body needs more help balancing sugars while pregnant....most women should eat like they have GD anyways (lots of protein, limit sugar loads, get regular exercise, eat frequently, etc.)

Good luck!

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Thank you everyone! I am feeling much better, especially since my dr. hasnt called me back... REALLY unlike him. I do have an appointment Tuesday. Hopefully he can tell me something. I would prefer to monitor levels at home.. The three house test sounds awful. I really dont want to sit in the uncomfortable waiting room for that long.

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