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sick sick sick

so my first four pregnancies were all about the same. morning sickness but only for a week and not until around 12-14w. that was it. i've been nausous since 4w. i usually get one to two days a week where i feel like my old self. constant cramps, stuffy nose, headaches.... i can't wait for the 2nd tri to get here so i can be done with this. plus the constant feeling of a full bladder has started. i did not miss getting up in the middle of the night to empty an empty bladder. anyone else having horrible symptoms this time around.

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Sorry you're having it so rough! I'm fortunate that I'm having the opposite this time (it's only my second pregnancy) of having almost no symptoms- which of course is mentally just as taxing, but physically, a heck of a lot easier! I feel lucky!

I hope it passes for you soon!

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SadSad Me too. It REALLLY sucks, and my husband is in Cyprus for the week so its extra rough this week. Hang in there! God willing the 2nd tri gets here quickly.