Signed up for a 5K!

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Signed up for a 5K!

Well... I REALLY want to do this 5K at the end of August. I know I won't be in great shape for it, but it's more of a fun 5K for all fitness types, instead of the really competitive kind. I'm really excited for it, and it'll give me some motivation to get my butt back in shape sooner (assuming my body allows it). It's called The Color Run, and looks really fun. I figure I'll have 10-ish weeks after baby is born to start walking and eventually running. I don't expect to be able to run all of it, but I think run some/walk some is a reasonable goal for 10 weeks pp. Anyways... that was kind of random.

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Thats AWESOME! Go you! I've heard the Color Run is fun! I just committed myself to do a 13.1 next May/June with my sister, but got nothing planned for this fall. I think I will aim to get something more like Oct/Nov timeframe. I'm usually not feeling up to doing much serious walking/jogging until at least 6 weeks out after baby, so that should give me time to work up to a 5k. It takes actually signing up and paying the money to actually get myself motivated to run or else I am a bum! Smile

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So jealous! I want to do the Color Run soooo bad, but the one in my area is in a few weeks! Obviously I won't be making that! Lol Good for you for signing up and doing one, though! I've heard those ones are soooo fun! I don't have any races slated early. I think my first run will be the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. After DS I did a charity 5K about 3 months PP, and that was hard! So go you for 10 weeks!

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Go you!! I think it'd be fun to train and participate in a run. I am not a good runner though!

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Awesome! Nothing like some good motivation!

I ran up until 23 weeks or so, when I had to switch back to walking....and now I'm swimming.

Good luck with your race! I found the hardest thing for me to get back after each baby was my pelvic floor. I was still *ahem* leaking after about a mile. I was okay for the first mile and then I'd start trickling. Ick! But I did eventually get my muscle tone back, just took longer than I anticipated......