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So our first week with the last one was spent in the NICU and our experience has been vastly different. I know newborns sleep a lot, but should I be concerned that he's literally awake for about an hour and a half total each day? He's nursing fine (too fine, my poor tatas! and the grandparents feel neglected), we're getting lots of wet and dirty diapers and he doesn't really do anything besides fuss when he's mad. OH! And he only wakes up twice at night; once around 11 and once around 3 eats and goes back to sleep. I'm not complaining, but it seems odd.

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Zintis is pretty much doing the same...although maybe in the last two days he's awake slightly longer periods....but still, it's probably not much more than 1.5 hours a day. And Z is sleeping like that at night too... I'll expect it to change when he hits a growth spurt!! Smile

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Sounds about right to me.....all of our kiddos have slept like that in the first few weeks. It is why we joke that "newborns" are easy--it is when they are 6-8 weeks old, awake more often and have a fussy period in the evening that they are more challenging. Wink

Enjoy the slumber! Rest up and recover, mama!

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Yep, agreed as well. Mine are always a breeze until sometime in the second month (although they have always woken up more often at night to eat and then right back to sleep). Enjoy the time to catch up on sleep yourself! Take care!

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Same for us here, Abram sleeps most of the day - he wakes to eat every 2-3 hours with maybe an hour a wake total during the day.

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Sounds pretty normal to me. Wes is doing the same. Although, at night, he is sleeping 4 hrs at a time (swaddled and after a good nursing). He lost a lot of weight since birth (went from 5lbs, 12oz to 5lbs, 1oz). Took him to the doc and in 5 days, he gained 12oz! A nursing champ! left tata is sore...his favorite one! Wesley is two weeks old and he is just now becoming a bit more alert during the early evenings and early afternoons which is a great thing! I thought he was going to constantly sleep but this alertness allows him to sleep better at night due to being more tired.