Sleeping Arrangements

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Sleeping Arrangements

What is everyone doing with the babes?

For the first couple weeks, Abram would sleep next to me. I enjoy co-sleeping and it's easier for nursing; however, he was up every 1.5-2 hours and seemed more restless. Last night, I swaddled him and put him in the arm's reach attached to the bed...the boy slept in 3-hr stretches! I'm thinking that he might like snoozing on his own!

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Matthew has been in the Fisher Price Rock n play sleeper swaddled with a snuzzler wrapped around all that. He wakes up to eat once during the night and again at 5am. He often will go back to sleep until 7 and I'm loving it. I also pump 4oz every morning from the side he didn't eat on so the sleep is doing us both good. He makes entirely too much noise to sleep next to; always grunting and moaning.

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Lucky!! DD didn't STTN until 2 years. I don't expect Abram to either...although it would be super nice. I totally forgot what it's like to live on such broken sleep.

And sounds like great milk pumping, too. I need to start soon!

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We got a nap nanny and have been putting that in his crib. He still wakes up every 2ish hours. Sometimes every hour! I've been starting to put him in the crib with out the chair and he seems to sleep better with out it. We're still figuring everything out. He gets really restless starting around 4 am, so I end up sleeping with him in the bed with me, which seems to be the way he likes to sleep the most, but I'm not 100% comfortable with it.

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Lily sleeps in her bassinet right next to me. It's like she's in bed with us. She sleeps pretty well, but has been having a huge alert time at 3 am! She's up until 4:30! Ouch. But she's a great sleeper, and I sleep great knowing she's safe and I can't roll onto her or something.

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Cameron sleeps with us, he'll wake once to eat (about 45 minutes) and then sleep until his sister wakes us all up

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With us! Easier for middle of the night feeding BUT my husband is really the one that wants to co-sleep. Id be fine with the bassinet right next to us. If she starts sleeping less than 3 hour stretches Ill switch to see if that helps, but for this first month or so she will be in the bed. He likes to cuddle with her. Smile

I hear ya with the in sleep grunting and squeaking tho!!! And also with the safety. Im sure my sleep is not benefiting from her being in bed with us!

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He sleeps in his rock n play next to the bed. He sleeps swaddled. He gives us one 6 hour stretch then usually a 4 hour stretch. DH takes the mid morning feed so I usually get some decent sleep.

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All of the doctor's and nurses said "no co-sleeping!" but he's so much more peaceful in bed with me. If I put him down in his bassinet I'm lucky if he sleeps for more than an hour but when he sleeps with me he'll go for a three hour stretch. I'm amazed he's made his own schedule, we go to sleep at 11 and he'll wake up at 2, 5 and 7 like clockwork every night.

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Charlette sleeps in her crib right next to my bed. I don't like co-sleeping until after 4 months of age, then she'll prolly come into our bed as it's easier to nurse then. During the day though she loves her bouncy seat and swing.

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Max sleeps like a rock snuggled next to me. Some times its the only way he'll fall asleep. I try to get him to fall asleep in our Arms Reach Cosleeper, then bring him into bed to nurse. He doesn't want to be put back in the cosleeper after nursing. He just wants to snuggle, snuggle and snuggle some more. My daughter was the opposite. She didn't like cosleeping and was always much more restless in bed with me. She slept like a rock by herself in her crib.

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We co-sleep mostly. Seth will usually start out in his co-sleeper and will last about 2-3 hours in there, then when he wakes I just bring him in bed with me, where he typically stays all night. If I get up with one of the other kids, I"ll put him in the co-sleeper and he'll usually stay.....but I like him right next to me.

When he gets older I'll transition him to the co-sleeper for more of the time and eventually to a crib (6 ish months or so?) But for now I'll soak up the newborn snuggles (and breath! love the breath!)

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We're family-bedders all the way. Right now, because we're not in OUR house, we're sleeping in two beds- DD and DH in one bed, and Z and I in another bed. When we get back to Laos, DD will go back to her toddler bed which is side-carred on our bed, and Z will stay in bed with us. Z sleeps great right now- 2-4 hour stretches at night, I do believe, but then, I sleep so well, I hardly notice.

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"boilermaker" wrote:

) But for now I'll soak up the newborn snuggles (and breath! love the breath!)

Smile Better than puppy breath!!!!! I love it too.

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"boilermaker" wrote:

But for now I'll soak up the newborn snuggles (and breath! love the breath!)

I said this to Nick and he looked at me like I was the biggest creep in the world. I love it too!

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jayden won't sleep in a bassinet for anything so co-sleeping with me and dh. here lately the heats been a killer. even with the ac the heats made jayden fussy.