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I can't remember if we discussed or not...

With DD I had a BabyHawk, which I liked but I just never felt like she was 100% safe in there (the sides are open) so I found myself not using it as much.

I want a great sling this time, one that is easy to use and can be good for both newborn and older baby. One that I can nurse in as well.

What do you recommend??

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I'm curious about this too! I also had a BabyhHawk with DS2 and really liked it. He was born in March, so I had stuffed extra blankets in there with him and he felt more secure as a tiny baby, but I know what you mean about the sides being open. We upgraded to an Ergo, once he was a little bigger. It'll be hot here when this baby is born, so I'm looking into other lighter options, and would love something I could nurse him in.

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I adore the Ergo with the infant insert. I felt like baby was very safe and secure in there.....they are spendy, but you can pick them up used lots of places (and I would totally trust them used.) The infant insert lets you use them right from the beginning.

I also have a pocket/pouch sling that I like in those early days (but they aren't good for the long long haul.)

I can and do still carry Lexi and Miles in the it is a good investment for many years. Happy shopping!

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I got a Baby K'tan. It's like a Moby, but not as much fabric. I've used it a couple times already (when I took my kids to the park, on an Easter egg hunt) and I felt that DS was pretty secure in there. My only problem with that sling, is if your baby isn't put in low enough under your boob you'll probably leak. At least that's what happened to me, I leaked onto him because he was against my breast. He really likes the sling though because he likes to be held close.
It also comes with a manual that shows a bunch of different ways to wear baby.

We also have an Evenflo Snugglie that DH wears to carry the kids when they get older (although DS could fit in it now too).

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I may be the only one but I love the Moby wrap. I can keep newborns snuggled up against me with it, and older babies down around my hips with it. It's the only sling we use.

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A question about the ergo newborn insert. Is it needed because of babies size or their poor head/neck control?

I'm thinking of getting an ergo (heard so many good things about them!) but I'm not sure about the insert. My babies are BIG (they've been between 10 and 12 pounds at birth). Will I still need it?

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I liked the Moby when DS was small. It took a minute to get the hang of how to wrap it, but once I had that down I liked it. Plus it is nice to have so many options about how to wrap it, not just one way. I found that it was easiest to put it on first, and then stuff DS into it, rather than try to balance him on my chest while I wrapped the Moby around him. Once DS got bigger (like close to a year old), it didn't work as well because I needed sturdier shoulder straps (once he was heavier, he stretched the fabric out), and the Ergo was great to switch to at that point. I have back issues and the Ergo was the only carrier I could find that didn't hurt. I still have the Moby so I will use it again and I now have an infant insert for the Ergo, but I've heard other people say that even with the insert it wasn't quite snug enough for a newborn. Anyway, I'll use some combo of Moby and Ergo.

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I'm a big baby-wearer! The first carrier I used with DD was a ring sling (the Maya specifically). Takes a little bit of figuring out to find a great fit/good position (not as easy as something like an Ergo, I don't think), but, VERY easy to nurse in, and useful for a long time, because at first you can use it to support the whole baby in a chest to chest kind of hold, and then later (like still now, with DD being 2!) you can use it to support a hip carry, which I find super useful for quick outings or when you'd be holding baby anyway, but don't have to put in as much effort.

I got a Moby before DD was born, and I was SURE I would love it- but I used it once, and never even thought about it again because I was SO DANG HOT wearing it. DD was born in late April, and by the time I got around to wearing her outside (probably two weeks later) I just felt suffocated by that amount of fabric. That said, I LOVE the idea of the Moby and if I ever have a winter baby, I am sure I will use the heck out of one. Smile

We moved on to mei tais after the ring sling, and we both liked those...but, once we started using the Ergo we never really looked back. I still pull out a mei tai once in a while, but mostly, it's all Ergo all the time.

For this baby, I did buy a linen ring sling and a new Ergo. I am obviously a person who gets hot easily- which is why I wanted a new ring sling. The Maya was great, but the cotton is pretty heavy, and in the heat and humidity of a Michigan summer, I did find it warm. So linen, according to my research is the coolest fabric. I already have the sling, and it feels much lighter- but still feels strong enough. I'm excited to use it. I bought mine from Very nice handiwork. I got the Performance Ergo because of it being a lighter fabric (and on sale on!)...but that said, I used our regular Ergo all the time with DD and never felt like it was THAT hot. Yes, she and I would end up with sweaty chests/backs, but, honestly if it's summer and you're carrying a baby, isn't that bound to happen any way?

So I definitely second the Ergo (I still carry DD in it all the time, even pregnant! and she LOVES it), but I would also recommend a linen ring sling for our summer babies!!!

I don't have the infant insert, and decided to spend my extra money on the linen ring sling rather than the infant insert for the Ergo.

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We have a moby for at home, a baby bjorn for the summer heat in Mississippi when out and about, and an ergo for when he gets a little older.

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The Ergo infant insert is hard to describe.

When baby is tiny, they can't do the "straddle" sit in the Ergo, so you have them kind of sit up and to the side in the Ergo and the infant insert supports their head and also keeps them from falling out the side/leg holes (I'm not doing a good job describing this, at all!)

But it is both bc of the head control AND the size AND the fact that you wouldn't want to spread their hips so wide to "sit" that way-- so they keep legs together and go off to the side until they are 5+ months old......

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I really want a sling that I can breastfeed in. I decided to get a Maya style ring sling. I didn't pay $70-$100+ on their website though. I found a local person who makes them and who seems to know what she's doing lol. She's a baby-wearing advocate who even linked me to a local baby-wearing facebook group that I was not aware of. It has about 70 members from my county. Kind of nice. Biggrin

I have an Ergo, and I bought an infant insert on ebay. I also have an Action Baby Carrier. (Both are buckle carriers tho, not slings).

I ordered a free "Seven Slings" sling ( ) but they aren't very adjustable. I only had to pay shipping so it wasn't so bad.