Small Appetite?

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Small Appetite?

I've found that my appetite is very small, I eat snacks throughout the day but I can't eat very much at a time when it's time for a big meal. Jeeze, I didn't think this started until later on! I was bummed at Thanksgiving yesterday to only have a very small portion of all the yummy foods.

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Yes! No big helpings of anything for me, and no snacking. Food is still pretty gross. Most of Thanksgiving meal grossed me out yesterday.

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Me too! For my Thanksgiving dinner all I had was a slice of turkey and a small bit of mashed potatoes and gravy?! Which is so not like me!!

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Same here! I start to finally feel really hungry, and then I can only eat a little bit before I feel full and totally blah (like one more bite might make me hurl). I had a little bit of turkey and some rolls with butter on Thanksgiving, but that is it! The stuffing suddenly grossed me out, as did the mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, corn... Boo. Sad I am hoping to make up for it at Christmas! Wink