so scared...

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so scared...

I had to tell my mom. She is coming here in a couple of weeks and I know she would have figured it out...and I just didnt want that secret during our visit. I was hoping she would have a little time to digest this so we can still have a great visit. I did not have the courage to call her...I sent her a message on fb...isnt that shameful? Sad Anyways...Im soo scared what her reaction is going to be! It makes me feel like a child again and knowing your parents are going to upset with you and the pit in your stomach you get. For goodness sakes...a baby should be wonderful news....I wish it were not like this...but i just know she is not going to be thrilled! Hopefully the news does not give her a heart attack. Sad I have not gotten a response yet...I feel sick every time I go to my inbox...fearing her response.

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Call her so you aren't stressed waiting.

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I know...I want to...I just cant! I really cant! Its awful...but I know she isnt going to be happy and I just cant stand to hear it from her...Im scared enough about this pg at my old age Sad

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**Lurker** I hope she doesn't react in a bad way. A baby is wonderful news! Sending you hugs!

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big sigh...ok its over...that was the hardest one to break it to...really anyone else I dont care as much about (except for my kids) its just so hard not really having your mom behind you for things. I didnt get a congratulations...but she did say she hoped everything turned out ok for me and the baby. was not all bad. Biggest concern she has...our financial capability to get these kids through college. Ill have to cross that bridge when I get there. Smile

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SO glad it's over. You don't have to get them all through college, just through high school. Wink

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I'm glad it's over and didn't go as bas as you thought. I was terrified to tell my Grandparents. I knew they would be mad, but I didn't expect them to be as mad. My Grandfather suggested abortion, then later apoligized but they are still disappointed in me. I can hear it in their voices. Hang in there. I hope you Mom will come around once the baby comes!!!!

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My Mom wasnt happy either. Not at all. It didnt help that the world population hit 7 Billion. Even if we do have an obligation to help our children get college educations (which we many poor kids today with either no education or too much debt starting life) our earth cannot handle all the children we are having. Im happy Im pregnant, but she is right. Our children are being born into a world that simply does not have the resources to sustain it. I hope they all have the food, water, healthcare, and education both they AND their children need. It was hard to hear that from my Mom, but deep down in my heart I agree with her. Even still, it is hard not to hear "congratulations" from your Mom when you tell her. I understand that. Sad

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I can really relate to you in a way! I've been planning my wedding for the last eight months, and my parents have already contributed so much financially to prepare. Plus, my mom watchs my two kids several days a week while I work and try to finish up school. So to say I was scared to death that she may be upset, is an understatment! However, after I finally got up my nerve to call her, she was very reassuring that it was all going to be okay! Yes, she was shocked.. but told me that the wedding details could always wait and we could figure out the rest later. I realized that I was really stressing out and making myself sick for no reason. Her words, "..In the end, your my daughter and still my baby. I Love you, no matter what and I'm always going to be here when you need me..".

I don't know your situation, but I hope she comes around and is there to support you. In times like these, no matter our age, we will always want and need our mothers there for us.

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Happy to hear it turned out ok. I am in the same boat. My mother will be the last person I tell. I don't need the stress of her negative attitude. I am 38 and she still acts like I am 16.

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I'm so glad things worked out for you!!

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((hugs)) i'm glad it went okay.. I'm not excited to tell the world about this bean....everyone has an opinion about how many we should or shouldnt have (and we dont rely on anyone for anything....)

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Wow, I am surprised at the negativity you have all received about your pregnancies Sad

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Its supposed to be such a happy time, its very hard to hear negative from people. Especially if you are like me and you dont have thick skin. I can not wait for my next ultrasound, so I can just be out with it to everyone...get the comments and the looks and move on with it.