Sore Joints

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Sore Joints

Over the past week, I've noticed nearly all my joints are sore/stiff. From my toes to ankles to elbows to knuckles. I didn't have this with DD! All I can find is it could be related to pregnancy-induced carpel tunnel? Anyone know?

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I've been feeling more sore this time too. I just attribute it to the hormones that relax your joints. It's definitely worse after a lot of activity too.

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no...but that sounds unpleasant!! I did have carpel tunnel with my last pg...and while there was some was mainly my fingers/hand being numb. I could not even use utensils anymore by the end of the pg it got so bad!! Miserable!! Hope you feel better soon!

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with my first I had very sore wrists for the last few months and then for a few months after birth. Nothing this time so I am hoping I have avoided it.

Hopefully you get some relief.

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I find I get sore easier this time. I attribute it to chasing around two kids, having more to do around the house and less downtime.
My knees especially hurt, so nights sleeping is excruciating even with my boomerang pillow between my knees.

I also have the numb fingers/ hands. My OB basically said it will go away with delivery. It sucks, I sew and make hair bows so trying to do this with numb fingers in a pain in the butt.

Hope you get some relief soon!

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I was a skinny drowned rat with no muscle/strength in my first pregnancy. I was in pain every where and my back pain was just AWFUL. I put on 38lbs so I guess it was more than my weak muscles could handle haha.

This time I'm much stronger from toting my toddler all over (I was an avid toddler-wearer until I was about 4 months along). So I have very limited back pain, and everything else is fine. And it's a huge relief. I still don't have any stamina though haha. I need to go to the gym for that lol.

I've had problems with my knee joints since I was 12 years old (including knee swelling that came out of nowhere - not injury related - which had to get aspirated just so I could bend them). But my knees are doing ok this pregnancy as well.