Sorry I've been MIA

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Sorry I've been MIA

I've been reading on here almost daily but I haven't been posting... I realized it's because I had Lucas early. I did the same thing with my daughter, when all the girls on my birth board with her were having babies I kind of withdrew... I get a little jealous, I think. I'm sorry! Anyways, time to get over it and get back to posting. We've been really busy too, on the go almost every day for the past few weeks. Lucas has had a ton of appointments and my daughter goes to class twice a week so it's like we never have a day to just lounge at home anymore, plus my DH has been working a ton of overtime and only getting home an hour or two before he has to go to bed.

Lucas is starting to be awake a lot more, he's spending 2-3 hour chunks of time awake. Today he was a fusspot so his awake time wasn't fun for mommy but he is more alert. I'm looking forward to when he starts smiling and being more interactive, that's my favorite baby stage. He was evaluated by early intervention today and is right on track for being 6 days adjusted age. I'm 100% healed and back to normal, so we're doing good over here.

I think we're almost done having babies as a board, huh?

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I totally understand and have been wondering where you are! Glad you are well. Just remember, the grass is always greener....I know I was jealous when you got to meet your little guy and bring him home - even though I know it was really under stressful circumstances. And now Im jealous that you are healed from for c seation - while Im still hobbling around!!!! Im sorry you had the early birth and all the complications - but so happy for all the babies that have arrived. Again, glad to see you back on....thanks for you work on the board. ((hugs))