Stabbing Pain

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Stabbing Pain

Ladies, I have a question. I don't remember this issue with my other two. I am having low stabbing pains in my vaginal area...pinching. It hurts occassionally and it ranges from dull to severe, in which I have to stop walking, etc. I am not doing anything severe on my body. Thoughts? Any help is appreciated. Not long now!

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I have no idea, I've been having the same issue. I'm interested to see responses. It's especially inconvenient when your out and have to stop suddenly due to a sharp pain down there. Lol

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Yep, I got them with Beni and I'm getting them now too. My last MW said it was just from pressure on the cervix from baby- your body reacting as it does. My current MW isn't worried about it either... says it's just from the pressure etc.

I remember toward the end of my last pregnancy when my DH and would go for long walks almost every night, he insisted on holding my hand the whole way, because when they happened, especially right in the last weeks, I would seriously buckle at the knees because the pain was so sudden and strong- he was always scared I'll fall over. Smile

I had been having them so much the last week or so, I was worried that maybe it meant I would be dilating or something- but MW checked today and I'm high and thick, so all good. Smile

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I get them too, when I'm exercising or doing housework or bending over... I just figured it was baby's head grinding down and pinching nerves. I've never worried too much about them.

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I am having them too! I don't remember having them with ds either. I also dont remember having this many BH contractions. I am having a TON! Anyone else?

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not too much stabbing pain since my baby is quite high, but Im having loads of bh some of which I can actually FEEL....I wouldnt call it pain...but I can def feel them. I think the pain is cervix or nerves in that area getting pressed. I think its normal! Smile

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Thanks, Ladies. I even feel it when laying down. And...I am on official bed rest. No work for me. (this is a new experience for me and I like it). My mom just came in since John has been on deployment for about three weeks. So, the baby needs to get bigger so he can latch on! lol

I find out how big he has grown next week! Still hoping for a 6.5lb this point...the doc's goal is 6lbs.

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I've been having the same sharp, shooting pains - and I remember them with DD. I agree with everything Mara said! They are so uncomfortable.

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I had that with DS toward the end and it made it hard to walk. I have it off and on with this one's the baby's head pushing on your cervix. Normal. And I know it tends to happen earlier in subsequent pregnancies, just like everything else (BH, "popping," etc.) I have been having tons of BH some of which are painful. MW says it's normal and also checked me and everything was fine, so not worrying.