Starting to get excited!

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Starting to get excited!

OK, this is the last thread I will start today, I promise! So, up until today, I have been more stunned than anything, and was even surprised by some ambivalent feelings. I have heard other women talk about feeling sad for their first child when they get pregnant again, and I always thought that was odd, like obviously your love grows to include both kids, it's not like you have to spread it thinner, but I get it now. I came out of the bathroom BFP in hand to my little boy in his jammies looking up at me with his big brown eyes and my first emotion was just sad for him. He has been my BABY BOY for so long, how do I explain to him that he now has to share his mommy with someone else? I was also worried about it financially, and June and July are DH's busiest times at work, and I worried about that, and the house we are in now is kind of a dump IMO (not really, but it's old and dusty, and there are mice and the landlords didn't exactly scrub it before we moved in) and I worried about bringing a new baby into this place (we just signed a lease to move into an awesome new house yesterday, it was perfect timing! So that worry is gone). And my mind instantly went to thinking about that now that this baby is IN, it is going to have to come OUT :eek: I just surprised myself by being more shocked and ambivalent and worried than I had imagined I would be. Today I am finally getting excited about it! The worries are dissipating and I am finally starting to feel just happy about it. Yahoo

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Oh Maggie, I hear ya on the worry about how it will influence the first child. I'm not worried about having enough love for both, I know MY heart will be able to do that. What I'm worried about is that Beni will only just be two when this baby is born, and I'm not sure that is old enough to really be ready for a sibling. I think you're in a great time frame, personally, because your Griffin has really been able to make the most of being an only child for a long time....when the baby comes he should be mostly excited and willing to help. I worry about my little one being mostly jealous and feeling pushed aside or not having her needs met- but this is also because she still nurses, still sleeps with us, etc. But, I'm 31 and my DH is 35, and if I still want another baby or two after this one, we didn't want to space them any further apart. I just wanted to say, I get that!

But yay that you're getting excited! And yay for the new house! That is wonderful! I do have to believe (for myself as well) that it will all come together as it's meant to!

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I think kids closer together can sometimes be better. The little kids seem to adjust better (they aren't so stuck in the roll of baby) and then they have a friend to play with! My first two were only 18 months apart and my second two were 23 months apart. So I've BTDT and to be honest it wasn't worse than my kids that were three years apart. (they are different, but both have pros and cons)

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I totally get it! Chase is 6 and I worry both how he will react AND (this is strange) if I will love the new one as much as him. I love Chase SOOOO much. It is hard to imagine how this would impact him or if I could possibly love anything as much as I love him.

Im also having trouble getting excited. But I think that is because it is so early and I want my first see the heartbeat....maybe even get to 2nd Tri before I allow myself to get excited. But THEN it will be an excitement FLOOD!!!!!!!!! (Back to WAITING SUCKSSSSSSSS!)

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The impact of new babies on the other child/children is always somewhat of a concern. It will work out in the end wonderfully! Im happy for your new house, and Im happy for your excitement! Congrats again!

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Yahoo for getting excited! Some days, for like a second, I let myself get excited. Then I calm down and decide to wait for the first ultrasound, etc. But we should all relax a little and get excited together.