surgery on THursday

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surgery on THursday surgery is set for Thursday at 7:30 am. I am a nervous wreck. Im a little concerned about the surgery, moderately concerned about getting the spinal...which I HATE, and REALLY concerned that I wont be able to keep my anxiety in check and I will go into a full blown panick/anxiety melt down.....I am really really scared of that!! Any crash course methods of relaxation/anti anxiety exercises that you know...are greatly appreciated. Ive always been a worrier by nature, and this surgery...although I have had it 8 times always a stressful event. But what is new is in the last year...I have been dealing with major anxiety....almost ALL the time. I have a hard time going to doctors appointments, I cant go for hair appointments, I get light headed with vaccinations (watching my kids get them), getting my blood drawn, just about everything causes me to go into crazy fight or flight overdrive. My heartrate goes up, I sweat, I feel like Im going to faint...its a constant struggle to keep it in check. ANYWAYS...knowing how hard even blood draws are for me now....I am really concerned for what the heck I will end up doing at the surgery come THursday. I really wish they could give me something for my nerves....but I know its not safe for baby Sad

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I don't have any advice, just offering hugs... I hope all goes well and just think, after this you can relax some.