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Do you have to wait until your 6 week apt to go swimming if your bleeding has stopped?

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If your bleeding has stopped, I can't imagine why you'd have to wait.....but I'm no doctor or midwife.

I haven't waited for the 6 week mark to DTD for the last three pregnancies.....

If you aren't bleeding and you feel up to it, I can't imagine why you can't swim. It isn't like you can't take a bath, so not sure why swimming would be out. Good luck! With heat, I may be joining you in the pool soon!

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I was told no swimming or baths for 6 weeks but I have stitches inside/out which could be the reason. Might be worth a call to your clinic just to check!

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I was also told no swimming or baths for 6 weeks, but I would feel comfortable swimming as long as everything was healed up and it was in a well maintained pool. We live on a lake and it's really hard to stay out of the water, but I don't want to risk infecting anything. I'd feel comfortable in a couple more weeks as long as my bleeding has stopped.

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I asked the doc about swimming right before I lfet the hospital. He told me 4 weeks. I had a csection so I am not sure if that matters.

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No one said anything to me about baths or swimming. I don't remember if they did with my first either. But I've been taking baths since 1.5 weeks pp just because I had some plumbing issues (diarrhea and constipation at once) and taking a bath helped me feel clean and was also soothing to my raw bits lol. I'm 3.5wks pp and I'm still bleeding, and still sore, so no dtd or swimming for me.

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I was taking regular baths with epsom salts which helped my roids a lot. no one said anything about swimming to me, but somehow it didn't seem like such a good idea to me. I'm also still bleeding intermittently and don't have access to any pools, so I would be swimming in a lake- which does seem very different than sitting in a bath.

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I think as long as your healed and not bleeding you should be fine.