Symptom flux...waiting and worrying

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Symptom flux...waiting and worrying

Oh, I hate to be so NOT orginal, but my symptoms are really fluctuating. The other day I felt TERRIBLE. Then the past couple days I have felt pretty good. Im hoping that my symptom fluctuation is just early signs of second trimester relief, but of course, my uckies are now replaced with worry that everything is still OK.

Anyone else feeling this way? I cant wait until my Dec 12th NT for reaffirmation. Sigh.....

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I feel the same way! While I hate feeling sick day in and day out, it's a comfort to know that it's a clear sign all is still well.

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I have awesome days.....and then a few days later pukie days, too. I'm sure it is just your body adjusting and getting ready for the second tri. Try to enjoy the relief! Wink

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Yeah I understand.. I feel the same way too. I've been feeling kind of decent for the past week or so, even my boobs are hurting less and my trips to the bathroom are only once a night. It's so hard not to worry but in the end I'm really trying to enjoy this pregnancy.

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mine have been on and off too. I know for a few days a couple of weeks ago, I got really worried...but I think the sickness winding down should be normal at this point! I hope time goes REALLy fast for you!

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I actually had an appointment this morning and mentioned to my doctor that I'd been feeling better the last few days. She told me hormones peak at 10 weeks and then level off, so most people *start* to feel better. Obviously that doesn't mean everyone will (I had m/s with DS until 15 weeks!), but you are totally past the peak mark, so it would make sense that you are feeling a bit better! I know it's hard not to worry, though.

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Wow, this is all really helpful. Thanks so much ladies!!!

Now, can anyone give me time travel tips so I can hurry up and get to my Dec 12th NT scan???!!!! Blum 3

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Yesterday I felt pretty much normal all day and was freaking out. But today I feel that usual slightly off, tiny bit nauseous feeling I've had the whole time. I am definitely less exhausted than I was for a while, but hopefully my body is just adjusting better to supporting the pregnancy. It's so hard not to worry!

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i feel the same way too...felt like death up until a week ago. got sick with an upper respiratory infection which i am still trying to shake but yeah i was right there with ya. worried about the baby. had to go to the doc yesterday because of the upper resiporatory and what i thought was spotting but i got to hear the heartbeat, pelvic exam good and the hcg level i had was good too. going on 13 weeks here in a few i say im rearing the second trimester. hopefully we all venture into our second trimesters and kick our ms. lol!