Taking older sibs to an ultrasound?

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Taking older sibs to an ultrasound?

I can't decide if we should take DD to the ultrasound or not. I finally have an appt (Nov 22!). I could leave her with my SIL if I needed to. Is there any chance she would understand what she was seeing? Would it help her understand that there is a baby in my tummy? Or am I totally over-estimating her ability to understand???

Anyone else????

Of course, my other concern is that if something is wrong... it'll be a lot of tears, etc, for her to witness. But, assuming everything is ok (which I am leaning toward, because there is NO reason to assume any different), it could be a happy thing to involve her in.....

What do you think?

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I wouldn't if you can avoid it. She will have no clue, and you won't be able to focus 100% on what's going on. I had my 4 year old at my scan last week (unavoidable) and it was difficult!

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I wouldnt either...maybe the 20 week one...but not this one. I would probably only bring a younger sibling if I had my dh with me to make sure I was focused on the apt...but not I still would not do it for the first one.

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I wouldn't do it unless you will have someone there to supervise her. We didn't bring our boys to our dating ultrasound. We did however bring the boys to our 10 week midwife appointment, and we explained a couple days before about the baby in mommy's tummy. Our 21 month old doesn't really get it. Our 3.5 year old does get it and is excited.

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DH will be at the appt with me.... but sounds like it'd be better to just not bring her anyway. Thanks ladies!

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We plan on bringing DD when we have the 20 week u/s - but haven't brought her yet to any of the appointments.

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My son came with me to two of my Appts so far. Each time someone has come with me just because he is two and can get a little out of hand lol. the first time he pointed at me the whole time and wanted me cause he thought i was being hurt. The second time he pointed at the screen and said baby baby over and over. So it really depends on how well your child. Tho if i can i wont take him again till im further. He is a distraction and i forget to ask questions Blum 3 Good luck and congrats

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My first appointment is this coming Monday, and I too would really like to bring my DS (I think my DD is still a little to young to really care). I want him to feel involved from the start, but my only fear is that something might go wrong, and that could scare him. We may opt to skip this appointment with DS, and bring him to all of the rest, once we know everything is Okay.

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I don't really have a choice in the matter. DD comes with me. She just turned 2. She sits in her stroller. Sips on her sippy cup, eats a snack, or uses her small magna-doodle lol. It's not a big deal. The appointments don't take that long anyway. The long part is waiting to get called in, but even then the clinic has a play-place for the kids, TVs, and wi-fi. So we are set.

I didn't always have a strong support system in place here (and my husband is gone 95% of the time) so she goes EVERYWHERE with me. She's used to it and behaves really well (as long as I remember to pack her snacks and toys lol).

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My 2 year old will be with me for prob al of my appts. I make them while ds is in school and I dont want husband to miss work for my early appts so I just take my little one with me. She behaved very well at my 1st appt even with the whole exam I had to have. She didnt even ask wheat the heck was going on with the doc look up there. So tomorrow she wil be going to the dating us and then to my ob appt.