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Hello, I just have to say that I am getting SOOOO anxious to know what this little one is! With my last 2 I found out at 20 weeks, so this is a whole new ballgame for me! No idea what it is. Pregnancy has been a little different than the last 2 which were identical, though I know they say every pregnancy is different, regardless of the sex. I have had 4 boy dreams and 1 girl dream now...again, which could mean nothing! Hopefully not too much longer and the waiting game will be over!

Anyone getting anxious as well? Any "feelings" of what it is?

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I found out at 20 weeks with my previous two as well.. It's definitely weird not knowing. It didn't really start to bug me until the last week or so when people started to really question me about " what baby is, when it's coming.. Do I have any "feelings" about what he/ she is"

It's definitely easier for me to not know because I have a ton of boy and girl baby things. But I'm still super excited for the " it's a ____!" Announcement

And I have no inkling of what gender it could be. All three pregnancies have been so different

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I don't know, and I didn't know with DD, so that is same old, same old for me.

But, this pregnancy has been very different from my pregnancy with DD.

DD was saying for a loooong time that it was going to be a boy, and just in the last couple of weeks, is steadfast on it being a girl.

I honestly feel sort of the same way that I did when pregnant with DD- that it's probably a boy, but, actually a girl. Smile Clear as mud right?

I am very excited to see who this baby is. I sort of like our girl name better than our boy name, so I would love to use it... my BFF just gave birth to her third on the 29th and she had a girl (also didn't know until birth)...which kind of makes me want a boy and kind of a girl. Smile

I am seriously all over the place with this whole thing...but I am definitely excited to meet this baby, in a way that I didn't know to be when I was waiting for DD.

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So fun!!! I'm excited to learn what ya'll are baking in there.

Our first was a surprise and I loved it-- wish I could have talked dh into it this go around.

Not too much longer now!

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Looking forward to finding out what this little person is! We haven't found out ahead of time with any of the kids. I'm leaning slightly towards boy this time, but I'm not super confident... I was right about the last two kids though...