Tearing / 'Roids

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Tearing / 'Roids

I have two tears - one up, one down - and a lovely 'roid from pushing. Everything is still so swollen and sore. For those BTDT mama's...how long does the pain last? I'm still spraying with numbing spray and using the water bottle they gave. I still can't sit up and put pressure on that area at all without shooting pain. Is there something I can use for the 'roid - already using the tuck's pads.

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I was PAINFUL for 2 months...Really really bad for 3-4wks...where I wanted to jump out of my skin.
I used Ice, dermoplast, tucks...etc.
Hope you get some relief!

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Mine was always pretty bad for about a week, and then it started to ease up as the tears started to heal. Things don't seem as uncomfortable for me this time around, but with DS2 it was pretty bad. After I had him, I seriously felt like I'd never walk/sit comfortably ever again, but it does get better. Hang in there!

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I used the witch hazel pads and numbing spray. Don't think I ended up with any 'roids though, just tear. Also you can get one of those sitz baths and put soothing stuff in the water. I had a friend with a really bad tear who spent lots of time using her sitz bath!

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I didn't have any tears...just the roids...I have been using the peri bottle, Tucks pads, Prep H, wiping with those wet flush-able wipes, and epsom salt baths. I'm 10 days pp now, and I'm no longer in pain from the roids- and I can sit just fine. I probably had 4-5 days when I felt like I couldn't really sit comfortably.

Oh, forgot to add I've been taking the homeopathic Hyland's hemorrhoid tablets too. I actually think they have helped a lot!