They are so tiny!!!

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They are so tiny!!!

OMG-- I always forget how tiny newborn bottoms are.

I just bought my first pack of newborn dipes (bc I have my home visit with my midwife tomorrow and I need all of my supplies together....) And OMG the newborn diapers are so stinkin' tiny and cute.

How do I always forget this? You'd think by #5 this would not be surprising to me.

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I know! Jason was like "I fit in that?" and I had a hard time telling him yes since it's difficult for me to believe too!

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I had the same reaction when I was washing our neutral newborn clothes... amazing!

I went to a meeting tonight called Breastfeeding and Sleep... and there were a bunch of moms there with babies anywhere from 4 weeks to 4-6 mos... they ALL looked so tiny to me! Made me VERY excited for the arrival of my little baby! Smile

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I went through newborn clothes from DS and pulled out what I could (not much, since he was a winter baby), and I agree, it's SO small! I had two newborn Kissaluv diapers in there and they are TINY! I have three packs of diapers for the first few weeks, but I haven't opened them yet. I'm dying to because I know how itty bitty they will be!

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Oh, and I was going through mine, I realized how many you have to fold!!!!! Lol.....little tiny sleeves folded in. TOO cute!

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We washed all the clothes this past weekend and I couldn't help but stare at all of sweet and small!

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Totally agree! I bought a pack of 1s (have some NB diapers from a friend) and I can't BELIEVE how small they are.