Told DS...cute!

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Told DS...cute!

For those with other kids, how/when are you telling them? If you told them already, how did it go? We hadn't really planned to tell DS until we were a little further along, but he kept trying to jump onto my stomach the other day so I tried telling him. I told him he couldn't jump on mommy's tummy because there was a little baby in there and we need to be careful of it. He was astounded. He stared at me and was like "there's a baby in your tummy?!" I explained that it was very tiny right now, but it will get bigger and bigger and eventually come out. He asked me to "open up your belly button" so he could see it. I told him it doesn't work like that and he will have to wait until it comes out to see it. He put is eye right up to my belly button and said "I can see it!" He asked to touch it, and I told him he could touch my tummy and the baby inside would feel it (OK, white lie) so he touched my tummy. Then he told me the baby would come out of my belly button. I didn't correct him, just wasn't sure how to explain that Wink Later he told DH that there was a baby in HIS tummy. DH told him no, the baby was only in mommy's tummy. Now I just have to worry about him "outing" me in public!

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I have been hinting to DS1 (he's 5) that Daddy and I might have another baby some day, and asked how he felt about that. He seemed really excited and said he really wants another brother. We haven't actually told him that there IS a baby on the way. We're waiting until we're comfortable with everyone knowing I'm pregnant so he doesn't accidently spill the beans before we're ready. If all is well after our first trimester screening, we'll make it "facebook official" and probably tell him then and show him the u/s picture because it looks more like a baby. I'll be just over 12 weeks at that time.

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We will probably tell the big kids after my next ultrasound. Usually I just tell them, but I was thinking of dressing Jacob in a Big Brother shirt for the day and seeing if the big kids catch on....I will talk more to the little kids after my surgery in a month.

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We've hinted around to DD, mostly when I'm not feeling well. Over the weekend, she told my cousin that she wanted a baby sister for Christmas...and she's told my mom that mommy has a baby. Luckily, they all just laugh it off and say "so get with it"...and have NO clue that it's already a done deal!

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Aw! That is very cute! We haven't told DD yet, but, she's only 18 mos old, and I don't think she's going to really get it. After our ultrasound next week, we'll probably start mentioning it to her more, but I assume it won't be until my belly gets REALLY big that she'll sort of start getting it. We'll see though!

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I'm waiting until Thanksgiving to tell my two little blabber mouths :rolleyes:. Otherwise I'd be outted long before I had the chance to say anything.

.. but i know they will both be so excited! My DS is a great big brother and DD loves babys!