Too soon to roll over!

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Too soon to roll over!

Wesley was on his stomach doing his daily "tummy time" and I ran to get the phone. Prior to this, he had his arms under his body and was rocking back and forth, kicking. I heard him start crying loudly so once I obtained the phone, I ran back and found him on his back. I was in shock and I am sure his screaming was because he was in shock. He is still so tiny and young! I am sure that this is a one-time thing but this is crazy! I don't recall the girls doing this so early on. Proud of him...but need him to not be so eager! Smile

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Vivian does the same thing. That girl has some serious muscles. Sooo proud!!! It's interesting to watch babies roll over. Smile

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Gavin has been doing this since week one and I think only because his belly is so round haha