UGH. Stomach bugs SUCK!

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UGH. Stomach bugs SUCK!

DD and I went to spend the weekend with one of my BFFs this weekend. We had a great time Friday night and all day Saturday... but then Saturday night I kept waking up feeling nauseous. Went to the bathroom once hoping something would come out (preferably not by mouth) and make me feel better. But it didn't. Then, my BFF was making breakfast this morning and offering it to DD when I had to run to the bathroom and finally puked. My BFF and her fam went off to church soon after, and DD and I headed home... I had to stop on the highway once to puke. Ugh. Not an experience I ever wanted to add to my "bucket list!" Slept for much of the afternoon, and finally was able to keep down some Gatorade and a banana. The afternoon would have been nicer if DD hadn't been fairly insistent on wanting to jump on me A LOT...but we made it through. Still feeling pretty crap... nausea coming in waves. I called my midwife and she's pleased that I sound like I'm improving (which I am), so she's not worried, and just said to keep trying to get fluids in, even if it is something with bubbles (she mentioned ginger ale). I sure do like her a lot already! Smile

That's my vent for the day! I hope everyone else is feeling good this weekend. This came as a big surprise, because no one else is sick/has been sick. Hit me out of nowhere!

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That sounds miserable; hopefully it passes quickly!

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hope you feel better. i know when i had it i felt like death. went to the dr got pumped with fluids but was really rough. it took drinking a protein shake & a cup of noodles to get my strength back. my only gripe for the weekend is insomnia. my sciatic is kicked in high gear with the baby turning down & laying weird. finally am feeling rib pain with wicked heartburn! not cool.

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Aww I'm sorry you don't feel well! Could just be something you ate that your tummy doesn't agree with.. I hope you feel better soon!

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That sounds horrible! When I was pregnant with DS2, I got a stomach bug and I was miserable. Hope you can rest up and feel better soon.

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((HUGS)) I hope you feel better soon!

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Feel better soon!

Drink lots and take some gravol if you need it to keep things down (dehydration can bring on early labor).

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Ugh I am so sorry. I got it last weekend, no one around me was sick either. Thursday I had to go in and get two bags of IV fluid. I am finally feeling normal. THAT WAS HORRIBLE! I hope you are feeling better!