ughhhhhhhhhhhh...I'm out

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ughhhhhhhhhhhh...I'm out

Well, it was nice hanging with you, but unfortunately the witch came full force last night..I am happy though that my last 2 cycles have been in the normal range. This cycle was 35 days and last cycle was 42, the only bad part is it's shortening from the wrong end. My luteal phase was only 10 days this cycle and I started spotting on day10. Wondering if I should try the B6? If I do, when do I start taking it? Now or after ovulation or when?? Good luck to the rest of you ladies! I'll stop by from time to time and hope to see lots of BFPs!!!

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Oh man. I'm sorry! I hope you get a BFP soon!

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You can start B6 at any point. I think i would start it asap that way it has time to build up in my system. Good luck and I hope you can get your LP lengthened out and get your BFP soon!

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So sorry! Hope this is the cycle for you.

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Sorry to hear that! Sad Good luck with your next try!

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sorry to hear AF showed, good luck next cycle

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Argh!! Sorry!!

I feel your pain though! Thats what my problem is, I dont even have a short cycle its just a lonnnnng waiting to O then a short 1ww!!

I started B6 this cycle and vitex to try and lengthen..I would just start it asap!!!

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sorry and good luck next cycle, if your LP is really short, I would say, doesn't hurt to try the B6!