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ultrasound pic

got my new pic up....cant post on my phone but i could change my avatar pic so....that is my little bugger and was told i am due june 10th not the 8th. after i get home and get a nap will post the pic to this thread from my laptop. the ultrasound showed where i had issues the other day but told me it is clearing and my buggers hb is still strong.

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so happy for you! So far everyone is getting really great US results!! Im so happy for all of you!! I so hope I get to join into the happy group tomorrow...Ive been in worried camp for 3 weeks!!

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Awesome news !!!!

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Yay!! Smile

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Congrats on a great u/s!

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I'm glad you had a good HB! Can't wait for mine!!

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i was really excited....my bugger is doing good and satisfied with the us i got. everyone has been joking with me saying it looks like my lo is mooning everyone. lol. i go back on the 14th. will have more pics to post. is there any way on here to post multiple pics? if not i`ll post a link for my fb page.

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