ultrasound today

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ultrasound today

It went well. The doc used the old portable machine, so my pictures are not great quality, but he said everything looked good. From one angle I measured 7w 1 d and from another it was 7 w 4 days, so my dates are about right from lmp. Heartrate was 160. In just 27 more days I get to have a GOOD ultrasound with the good machine. I get my NT scan and AFP draw that day. I will also have my cervix checked at that time...he didnt want to get an inaccurate measurement with the old machine. Later this week he will schedule my cerclage which he said will happen the week between xmas and New Years. I think once my cerclage goes in, I tend to feel relief a little more...so just 7 more weeks to go...and hopefully the holidays will make time go super fast!!!

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Great news! Glad to hear things look good!

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Excellent News!

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Congratulations on the great u/s!

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So glad you had a great u/s!

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**Lurker** YAY! Congrats on the great appt!! I am so happy for you!!

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So happy to hear your news! Prayers worked! Yes, I am thinking the same. Hopefully the holidays will make everything go faster - and that extra hour of sleep coming this week from the time change!

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Yahoo! Congrats!

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Yay! Congrats!