Undercover Mama Nursing Tanks - Mother's Day Sale!

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Undercover Mama Nursing Tanks - Mother's Day Sale!

I know we have a lot of BFing mamas on this board (and soon-to-be-BFing mamas!), so I thought I'd share a quick Mother's Day coupon code!

Undercover Mama nursing tanks are AWESOME! I have actually worn the two that fit me pre-preg my entire pregnancy and they still fit over the big belly! And come out of the wash looking totally skinny again! Not to mention, they are the only tanks that don't ride up my pants, so I'm not constantly pulling them down. Maternity awesomeness aside, these are great BFing tanks! They have no straps! They clip onto your nursing bra so that when you're ready to nurse, you just unclasp your bra instead of having to jack your whole tank up and expose your belly.

Anyhow, just thought I'd share! I'm one of those people who is always wearing a tank under my clothing, so this is a beautiful thing for me!

http://undercovermama.com/ - Coupon code "MOTHER2012" will get you 25% off! Order 2+ and get free shipping! I just rounded out my collection with pink and brown. Wink

Happy early mother's day!

ETA: They also have awesome customer service! One of the rings broke on my tanks a few months back, and they replaced it for me free of charge!