A vent- sleep and my dh

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A vent- sleep and my dh

So right now and for the next 3 weeks my dh is the only one working, so I take the nights (everything- diapering and of course breastfeeding out dd). I try to be quiet and keep our very noisy dd quiet as well. She has one fussy time during the night generally (more fussy on one boob). So this morning I'm already slightly frustrated and of course tired. Asked my dh this morning if maybe he got sleep, hoping that one of us got the sleep we needed and he said no he kept on waking up because she is so loud. I got upset because I was trying to give him sleep and it didn't work, plus he seems to handle lack of sleep way worse than me. Ugh!

Sorry for my grammar and punctuation- if they stink. It is not easy to post using my phone.

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Ear plugs? So sorry!

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My DH works too, but honestly - I am up with the baby all night (nursing, I don't pump) and I take care of him all day. If his sleep is interrupted for a few minutes, boo-hoo! He is usually snoring within a few seconds of waking, sooo...I don't really feel sorry for him Smile ha!

Like Lillie said, ear plugs might be the next option!

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hmm...ya figure he'd at least get up and see if you needed a hand. mine will and says the sooner i get help the sooner WE all sleep. ive tried to let mine get his sleep but also ive had my nights where i had to get him up and see if he could help. i know my limits...and had to tell him i flat out tried to let him sleep just at my wits ends.

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Babies change EVERYTHING. Including the quantity and quality of sleep you get. My DH works, and I stay home, so I have always taken all night time parenting responsibilities, just because I can nap if I need to during the day. Do you have a guest room? Might be worth using for a while. I know a couple who, when they both went back to work, slept in separate bedrooms, and took turns during the night caring for baby... one an early night shift, and one the later night shift... and slept apart so that they wouldn't BOTH be waking up all the time. It wasn't permanent, and they went on to have a second child, so it didn't ruin their sex relationship, much less their marriage. But it was a solution that got everyone sleeping more than they were.
My DH has also slept in the guest room at times- especially when DD was going through a super rough night time phase.
But if you're not willing to do that...then yeah, ear plugs or suffering through it!