Vitamins for baby?

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Vitamins for baby?

Our pedi said to give him 1mL of Poly-Vi-Sol a day and I think that's an awful lot. He's exclusively breastfed and I understand my milk doesn't give him vitamin D. What are the rest of you doing in the way of vitamin supplements?

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We aren't doing any vitamins, didn't with DD either. It wasn't recommended by our Pedi.

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Since DS2 is getting about 9 ounces of supplementation a day, our ped said he didn't need any "extra" vitamins, so I don't really need to worry about it at this point. Unless I get to the point of being able to EP, I won't worry about it. I had a friend, however, who EBF her first and just made sure her diet was really well-balanced and rounded out. I think the vitamins were suggested, but she never used them.

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Doing the drops but not every day

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Not doing any vitamins. Didn't with DD either. Just make sure baby gets a few minutes of sunlight now and then. And, try to eat well. And remember that your body will do what's best for baby- so if you're eating like crap, all your stored vitamins will go to baby and you'll get sick- not the other way around.

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Lucas is supposed to be on them until he's 6 months but I stopped.

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We don't do any vitamin D. We just make sure he gets outside every day and gets exposed to the sun.

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We aren't doing any vitamins either. We take her outside to get sun. Pedi wants us to put her on multivitamins with iron at 3-4 months. Anyone else going to do this? I don't think we are. Which means yet again I will have to lie to our pedi rather than arguing with her. Not sure that is the best way to handle the situation, but DD can't rat me out yet.