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I am just over 7 weeks by calendar. We had an U/S today and the good news is in addition to the yolk sac, we saw the fetal pole at just under 4mm today. The bad news is no heartbeat yet. Dr said measuring at 6 weeks and re-scan Monday since by size I am not yet as far along as the calendar. This scared the bejesus out of me and I went and found an article on my most trusted site for information to calm me down: americanpregnancy.org


The article says at 7 weeks it can be a healthy pregnancy with no signs of heartbeat if the fetal pole is under 5mm....just need to recheck in 5-7 days. My RE has scheduled the follow-up on Monday. I am so tired of waiting and so worried.

Help me with good thoughts and vibes to make it through this long week/weekend.

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Good thoughts headed your way! The waiting it so very hard Sad

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Thinking about you! Must be especially hard with all the recent forum news. Hang in there, 5-7 goes fast if you keep busy. Hugs.

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The waiting is the worst!! Im sending tons of ((STICKY VIBES)) and ((HB VIBES)) and any positive thoughts I can!! ((HUGS))

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Im sorry! you're in kind of the same boat I am. We can be wait and worry friends. Hang in there!

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Thank you all for the good vibes and support! It really helps having our great community to share with and be supported by. It really means alot!

Becky --- we are so wait and worry pals!!! I will be thinking about you and hoping for great HCG numbers all week/weekend!

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Sending you lots of good vibes too!!! Come on little baby!!!!

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Good luck over and over Smile I agree, KEEP BUSY!! Clean out your linen cupboard, tidy your pantry, do a sort and chuck. Then you have an organised house and no time to worry x

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