Ways to tell the family...

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Ways to tell the family...

My husband and I have told friends and some coworkers (I know we should have waited, BUT I have a hard time with that AND I was sooo excited). We are going to wait and tell my family at Thanksgiving when we see them and then his family at Christmas. We will see them in person and want to wait. We don't live near either side and no one talks to each other from our two families, so we are safe on them not finding out until we tell them.

I was hoping to get some ideas on ways to tell them. I know we can sit them all down and just tell them, but I was hoping for some unique ways to tell them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...:)

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If I was doing it at Thanksgiving I would ask to be the one to say a prayer before the meal or whatever. My family often does a "every body say what they are grateful for" kind of thing- just going around the table with everybody getting a turn. I would just slip it in in one of those kind of instances. Smile

And for Christmas, I would give someone, like his mom, a card- make it look like it might be a gift card or something....but put an ultrasound pic in it. That, OR, buy a frame that says something about Grandparents on it, and then put a pic of the ultrasound in it. Smile

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For our first pregnancy we made a card that was a play off of the MasterCard commercials. So there was a pic of DH and I on the front (maybe you could do a Christmas pic?) and then words that said something like...

Camera - $130
Printer - $150
Paper - $10
Glue - $3

Then on the inside it said...
Finding out there are three of us in this picture - Priceless

It was fun to watch their facial expressions bc they were totally clueless until they figured it out Smile

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My sister announced like this for her last pregnancy. I thought it was cute. Plus it was easy to post on FB lol.

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Since I found out a few days before halloween I made up some halloween treat bags...I bought bags of chips, bars, and dollar store bibs that say "I love my grandma" (for mom) "I love my grandpa" (for dad) and "I love my daddy" (for DH but he already knew) in a brown paper bag I drew pumpkins on. Dad never caught on, right away, but mom did Wink

Maybe you can do christmas or thanksgiving treat bags?

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To tell my parents and my sister, we got them each a onesie that said, "I love grandma", "I love grandpa", and "I love my aunt". My mother-in-laws birthday is this weekend, and we haven't told her yet. Since my sister-in-law is also pregnant and due in January, I got my mother-in-law a necklace with 2 birthstones on it, the one for January and the one for June to represent her two future grandchildren.

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We had a family gathering and during dessert we put the scan video on the DVD player! It was very exciting, as we also knew the gender then (at 12 weeks). I wish I had done a gender reveal cake though Smile

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"redmom" wrote:

My sister announced like this for her last pregnancy. I thought it was cute. Plus it was easy to post on FB lol.

I thought that was super cute!! Love it!!

I've never been creative...just went and said. Hey I'm pregnant. ha

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We are going to try the cards. I love the video, though. We have quite a few family to tell at Thanksgiving and at Christmas. I also scrapbook, so making cards is something that I can manage.

Thanks for the great ideas, Ladies!

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I think we are going to do it via our christmas cards. On he bottom it will say love with our names and our two kids names and our newest addition. If no oe catches on they will see me at christmas and prob figure it out Smile