We (finally) named our baby.....

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We (finally) named our baby.....

This time it only took us 5 days. Yay!

Seth William is doing really well. In the end, Trey just agreed to let me name him, since there was nothing he "loved", but he liked Seth. So Seth it is!

Midwife came by yesterday and he is only 2 oz from birthweight (one of the best parts about having baby at home is that the midwife comes to you post-baby to check on mama and baby. She was here on Tuesday, on Friday and will be back again on Monday. Love that!) My milk is in and he is eating like a champ. Filling lots of diapers and sleeping well, too.

My MIL just left our house-- and though she was helpful, I'm eager to have my house back to just me and my family. It was taxing having her here for so long post-baby (though she has the best of intentions....)

We went out for the first time on Thursday, just to church to see the big kids at their vacation bible school concert. I'm considering an outing tomorrow, as I'm starting to get a bit stir crazy.....but it is really hot here, so I'll go early!

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He's so cute. I love that name.

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Love the name and he's adorable!!

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Good choice. He's super cute. Smile

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Welcome Seth! Good name. I'm glad he's so healthy!

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Love it! He's so cute!

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Nice!!!! Ive always loved William as a middle name. Smile

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He's so adorable! What a great name! Glad you guys were finally able to decide! Smile