we are home!

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we are home!

Got home late yesterday. I could not stand the pressure from the nurses on bf'ing anymore...they were starting to threaten bottles...and I asked for early release. My doc was totally fine with it, the pediatrician thought on it, and decided if I followed up with pediatrician today it would be fine. The nurses in the hospital also kept coming in as soon as we fell asleep for this and that, so we were not getting good rest. Happy to be home, and Mia is doing well. I will work on getting pics up very soon! Smile

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Glad you're home! Hope you're gretting some rest!

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Welcome home! I agree home is far more restful than the hospital Smile

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Wow I can't believe it! You and baby are home already, that's great. Can't wait to see photos Smile

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Ugh, sorry about the uncomfortable hospital stay! I'm with you that being at home is much nicer!

Are you off to a good start with breastfeeding? Were the nurses just being a PITA?

We need pics!!!!

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I'm sorry the hospital was not restful. That was one of my biggest complaints about my hospital births-- I just wanted to go home and be left alone. Drove me nuts how they always wanted to "check me" and it always seemed to happen right when I'd just fallen asleep.....Grrr!

Can't wait to see pictures of Miss Mia. I love the name!

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*lurker* I agree. Nurses are a PITA! I had my daughter at almost 11pm. They came in at 2am to show me how to bathe her. Um.....I'm trying to sleep????? I mean I had a c-section, but I had been up all day. I think they forget that not everyone is on "their shift."

Congrats on an early release. I hope you enjoy settling in at home!

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Welcome home! Can't wait to see pics!

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So happy you are home! They better not mess with me too much in the hospital when I am trying to rest! Sheesh! Can't wait to see pics!