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weight gain

My preprego weight is 110 and Thursday I was up to 118. I've also started getting braxton Hicks contractions, my uterus is now 3 finger widths below my naval. I'm concerned about that and my first appointment isn't until December 6th. Anyone else weigh in yet?

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begginning weight 106 i do believe back in early october...went to the dr yesterday for an upper resipiratory infection and im at 114 now. was afraid id lose weight being sick but i guess not. lol

next appointment dec. 12th. cant wait.

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I have stayed about the same, no weight gain or loss. With my DD, I didn't gain until 20 weeks after I stopped puking daily! This one, I eat small portions throughout the day. And most of it is healthy so I think that helps.

I don't know how to find my uterus, honestly - I do know mine is tilted, does that make a difference? When I found the heartbeat a couple days ago, the baby was about 2-3 fingers below my belly button to the left.

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I initially lost about 6 or 7 pounds. I still haven't gained any of that back yet, but I don't usually start gaining until closer to 20 weeks. I've told myself no ice cream or cereal this time around (those were big problem foods with me last time and gained 30 pounds) until the very end, so I'm hoping to keep my weight gain to about 20 pounds.

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I've actually lost about 4 lbs. from my prepreg weight, but I am really attributing that to the stress of the subchorionic bleed from a few weeks ago and all-day-every-day m/s (no puking, just feeling blah and not hungry). I eat randomly throughout the day, but get full pretty fast. I'm sure the second I'm out of the first tri I'll put those 4 lbs. back on plus some. Wink

My first appointment is this Thursday! I am super excited, and nervous, of course. Hope we hear that strong hb on the doppler!

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I've gained exactly 4 lbs--weighed myself on thanksgiving day (BEFORE the giant meal, of course). Seems about right for 9 weeks. I expected it to be more based on the fact that my pants are so tight, but I guess it's just bloat! I gained like 12 lbs in the first tri with DS because I was eating bread and french fries and that was all I could stomach. It leveled off in the second tri when I could eat normally again. I think I wouldn't worry too much about weight gain yet, so many of us have to eat like pigs or can't eat at all at this stage. But most of us will find a happy place with it soon. Not sure what to say about fundal height, I don't know what's normal for 12 weeks.

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Well I won't state my weight but I put on 4 lbs over the holiday. I'm sure in the next day or two it will go back down, hopefully all 4 of it... and even more hopefully, by Tuesday afternoon, haha.

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I have put on about 1.5-2kg

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I think I have gained about 5lbs. Although, unfortunately I do not know for sure considering each time I go in to the doc to weigh, I am weighed in full uniform and steel-toed boots. I tell them they are supposed to deduct a certain amount of weight but they look at me like I am crazy. Didn't weigh myself that much prior...so...who knows. I am sticking w/ 5.

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I've gained 3.5lbs. Still 2lbs below my last pre-pregnancy weight. I'll take it Smile Gaining much slower this time!

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I think I'm still in the negative for this pregnancy, but that is because unlike so many of you tiny, skinny minnies, I had weight to lose. But I also didn't really gain weight in my last pregnancy until after 20weeks. But I also think this is one of those things that is so individual. I wouldn't really worry about it unless you have OTHER symptoms (rising blood pressure, or something else) going along with faster than you'd like weight gain. You never know, and even if you gain fast at first, you might slow way down in the end.

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I think I gained weight this past week. Beforehand I was holding steady at my pre-pregnancy weight. But with the Thanksgiving holiday, and my husband taking a weeks vacation, we ate out a lot.

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I started at 110... now 118... BUT Ive always weighed around 120, I lost weight after my appendectomy and kept it off during DH's open heart surgery. Stress does wonders. Im not counting until I hit 120. Is that cheating? lol

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I've gained about 5 so far with this one.

I nearly always end up at a net gain of 35 pounds-- always ending at the same amount. With some pgs I've lost as much at 7 pounds in the first tri and with my boy I gained in the beginning. I wonder if this gain means blue for us? Who knows....

I don't care about what I gain. I just try to eat reasonably and work out throughout my pgs....I think exercise is the secret to bouncing back. Wink

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Up 3 for me, but I haven't been keeping much down, so I am blaming it on the constant carbs and toast I am eating and completely stopping working out. Goal is to get my butt back to the gym once I am feeling a little better. I walked at least 2 miles a day in my last pregnancy up until the final day and felt pretty good. Still gained 35lbs, but oh well! Smile

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I'm only up 1-2 pounds, but man, when I look at my belly progression pics I look so big. It looks like I gained more than 1-2lbs. I guess I lost weight in some areas, and put it on (plus 1-2lbs more) in my belly.

I consider my starting weight to be 135lbs (I would go up or down a pound or two depending on the day). And 2 days ago the same digital scale I always use said I was 136.4lbs. Maybe I magically gained more weight overnight lol.

Can't wait to weigh in in the morning!! (I know it's already morning in my state but I haven't been to bed yet lol).

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5 pounds for me...and I was still up a couple pounds from my last pregnancy...so Im not thrilled when I get on the scale!! Im trying not to get annoyed...but Im always so worried about taking it off with this many kids, my age, and slowing metabolism!! Smile

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My scale said 136.8lbs so I'm up .4lbs from a few days ago. I think I need to eat more lol.

I wish I would have kept track of my weight with my first. I think I was already up 6lbs at 12 weeks last time. Maybe not though.