Weight gain!

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Weight gain!

I had my Dr. appointment today and I'm up 9 pounds from 4 weeks ago. I've gained 10 pounds total... but that's still a lot in one month! I did take into account that my bladder was so full I could barely walk, and it was mid afternoon, so I figure that's a few pounds maybe?? I made DH take our scale away because I was obsessing over it.
I figure since I quit my job, I was walking a good 4-5 miles less per day and also indulging more than I should have been. Now that school has started, I've been parking really far away, taking the stairs, and just having a cup of soup or salad for lunch... instead of pizza, or a burger/fries. I'm still hoping to keep the total gain at 25 pounds. Anyone else have a big jump in weight?

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I haven't yet but I agree that a full bladder and it being mid-afternoon can pack on at least a few pounds. If you don't get weighed at the same time every appointment and wear basically the same clothes then your weight is going to vary.

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i'm right there with ya...i've gained 12 since jan 9th. but my baby has almost doubled his weight so i can understand why. baby was 8 oz on jan 9th, today is the 25th and hes at 13ozs...am happy!

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Im actually done looking at the scale...I know Im eating good and exercising...and I seem to be gaining like crazy....Im not going to look anymore!! I swear it!! Im just going to keep being healthy....and Im ignoring the darn scale!! Its broken anyways....it HAS to be Wink

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I always gain 10 lbs/month during this trimester-- worry not!

I'm up a total of 13 lbs so far-- but I don't care at all. I'm sure I'll gain another 10 between now and 28 weeks and another 10 between then and 36 weeks and then I magically stop (or have in the past.....) My body seems to hold for that last month or so.....guess my body needs 35 lbs of gain each time.

Eat right, keep moving and you'll be fine!

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I just had a big weight gain too....but I am mostly not worried. Will focus on making a few better choices maybe, but otherwise, it is what it is. Make sure you're eating enough though- your lunches sound really light!

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I agree with the others, it's pretty normal. I went to the doctor this week for an allergic reaction and I'm only up 4 pounds BUT same happened with DD and by the end of the 2nd tri - I was up nearly 15-20 pounds! So I know it's coming Smile

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Um....aren't we supposed to be gaining weight? At my last appt I was already up 10 lbs, but I gained a lot during my first trimester last time too. I feel like even though my belly is bigger I haven't gained that much more weight since, so I would guess I've gained 12-15 lbs total. I'm OK with it. I know it's just going to keep going up before it comes down!