what the heck?

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what the heck?

I cant stop crying today....I thought the hormone stuff was supposed to even out by now...I have been crying all morning...about everything!!!

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((HUGS)) I seem to have better days than others. Some days commercials send me over the edge....others I'm okay.

Hope tomorrow is better! A good cry does always make me feel better, though.....and I tended to be more weepy (I think) when I was carrying girls.....

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Depends on the day for me too. My poor husband made me cry the other day over something pretty small. I also watched the last 20 minutes of The Notebook. Big mistake. I was sobbing!

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Aw! The emotional stuff seems to have heightened for me the past couple weeks actually. I feel better physically, but more weepy than I was. It's weird, because I will feel fine, and then some small thing happens and I burst into tears. I scared my poor little DS when he accidentally whacked me in the nose with a toy the other day...it did hurt, but mostly for some reason it just opened the floodgates of all the emotion I hadn't even realized I was holding back. I just burst into tears and it took me a little bit to regain composure. Poor little guy thought he really hurt his mama! And yesterday, DH was an hour late getting home from work and then acted like I was being totally ridiculous for being mad at him for it, and then made a few comments that I took as critical (like, that the fire in the wood stove had gone out and I hadn't re-lit it yet, and DS had been in his pajamas all day). I put dinner on the table and then went straight to the bathroom to cry. DH felt really bad. Our poor DH's forget that we are more sensitive when pregnant and get these fun little reminders when we cry over nothing.

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I'll take crying over being totally irritable and annoyed at everything!!!

Hopefully it stops for you soon Smile

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Yeah, physically Im feeling quite good...today...my sil posted a nice quotation and said she thought someone she knew could use this...and it was directed at me....and it was so nice....I just started bawling. My daughter told me she would be getting information for picking classes in high school next year (she enters 9th grade next fall) and I started crying, I found out a friend of mine is getting divorced after 25 yrs of marriage, I started crying, a few friends of mine on FB said something nice on my status, I started crying.....I was soooo angry at the beginning of this pg...I thought I must be full of testerone and carrying a boy. Now...I dont know....with all this crying...maybe it is a girl.

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I cry at everything too... well, like commercials and movies and stuff. I guess I haven't really lost it over anything in my own life. I suppose that is good. But I feel pretty silly when I can't make it through a movie with DH without crying NO MATTER WHAT kind of movie it is... something always makes me cry. Smile

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Me too today! I was reading a book and cried through the whole thing though it was not particularly heart wrenching. I was watching One Born Every Minute last night and a baby was born in distress and I was sobbing. Hoooormones.

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Today DH and I were driving to my midwife appt, and there was something on NPR about people in Greece who are in such bad financial situations they are leaving their kids at foster homes because they can't afford to feed them anymore. There was a woman who stopped to ask for help for her and her daughter, and disappeared and left her baby behind, and another family who left their twins who were showing signs of starvation. It was so sad! I would normally feel sad about that, but this time it was like it was happening to me personally, I could barely hold back the tears. I had to tell DH to turn it off because it was upsetting me so much!

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"Kayla1981" wrote:

Depends on the day for me too. My poor husband made me cry the other day over something pretty small. I also watched the last 20 minutes of The Notebook. Big mistake. I was sobbing!

The Notebook- big no no for me too
I watched it a few weeks ago and cried for about 30 minutes afterward. No Nicolas Sparks during pregnancy for me anymore.