What are you looking forward to these next two weeks?

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What are you looking forward to these next two weeks?

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving next week in Phoenix, getting to meet our new baby niece and spend time with family. Then we will come home and put up our Christmas lights... we usually do it the day after Thanksgiving but it will be delayed a few days this year... I love our Christmas lights.. we go all out! Then my NT Scan and OB appointment on the 29th.


ETA: Who wants to see pics of my new niece? She's so cute!

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My OB appointment today!

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I'm looking forward to finally telling my family I'm pregnant on Thanksgiving Smile Oh and I'm excited about tThanksgiving food! I do wish I was able to go home and see my new nephew though.

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I'm looking forward to my first midwife appt on the 29th.

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I've got my first ultrasound next Tuesday...and if everything looks good, we'll announce the pregnancy. So very much looking forward to that. Also, although we don't get Thursday off for Thanksgiving, I love the Thanksgiving feast, so we are doing a delayed Thanksgiving on Sunday. I think most of our guests will not be Americans, or even Canadians, but Aussies... but oh well. I still get to make the good food, and I'm sure everyone will enjoy it! Smile

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Black Friday, my Cajun turkey, a 4 day weekend, my ultrasound on the 28th, and a work slow-down.

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1st post- Due in June

Hello everyone. This is my first post here. I'm due with our first baby on June 4th and so excited that we've made it to week 12. I know we're not out of the woods yet but still very excited that we've made it this far. We have our total OB appt. this thursday and though I'm nervous something will be wrong, still excited to see the baby again. We joke that he/she is a dancer and doing the robot in there.


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What I'm looking forward to:

* Getting released from 'bedrest'
* Seeing my peanut's heartbeat strong one more time on Wednesday
* Not having to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year Smile
* Believe it or not, going back to work as I miss the intellectual stimulation
* Christmas Lights (I love our Christmas lights too)
* Our friend visiting this weekend (they just found out they are preggo too...with twins)

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My first appt with a midwife next week, and if all looks OK, telling close relatives at Thanksgiving (via Big Brother shirt on DS). Then the week after Thanksgiving I meet with a homebirth midwife to discuss that possibility. These first few weeks have really been dragging. I feel like I've been pregnant forever and I'm STILL only a little over 7 weeks. So having a few exciting pregnancy related things over the next couple weeks will be good.

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Eating lots of yummy thanksgiving food...and finally telling family that we're pregnant. By next week, it will be a LONG 12 weeks of nobody knowing...we told everyone at 7 weeks with DD and it's hard not blurting it out to family now!!

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..........more food.

And......oh yes, food! Blum 3

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My first OB apt. And a four day weekend.

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thanksgiving....not only because of the holiday and the food, my anniversary falls on thanksgiving this year too. bummed that i got scheduled to work on thanksgiving but since i'm not the only manager scheduled that shift i might make a deal with the other one.....divide the shift in half. have myself come in a couple hours later and once i get there let the other manager free to spend time with their family too. seems weird for any resturant to be open on a holiday.

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I'm looking forward to finally telling my family on Thanksgiving!! We do our 'around the table thanks' every year and I thought I'd casually slip it in at the end Wink