What's up with all these babies hanging on??

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What's up with all these babies hanging on??

There are a handful of us reaching our due dates this week. Anyone feeling anything?

I guess I just assumed that since DD was a week early that this one might be as well. Thankfully, I'm not miserable just yet so it's not a big deal to only be 3-days out for the EDD. Guess they call it estimated for a reason, eh? I'm not feeling squat, non-painful contractions and cervical zings but nothing that sticks around. I was hoping the full moon last night would stir something up...it did...lots of sleep Smile My in-law's go out of town on Saturday for a week and they are starting to get bummed that they might miss his birth.

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Mine has a deadline of Friday morning, but I kinda thought I would go before then. However, not feeling a thing to make me think that it might happen.

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O.K. so I signed up on this board in the beginning and have just been in stalker mode ever since but, omg cruelest title ever! lol I currently feel like this baby will be there forever!

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My first was 4 days late and second was right on her due date, so I am not expecting to go early. I'd be okay with 4 days early to continue the trend though! Smile Not feeling much here either, bit more pressure, but haven't had any painful contractions since over a week ago. Bummer. I'd love to have this baby this weekend...I have a girls night planned friday for cut, color and pedis, so anytime after my little pampering would be PERFECT! (and then I won't have gray roots in my hospital photos...I know, priorities right? hehe)

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i am so there with ya...due on friday and nothing really to report here. felt a very very strong contraction this morning, hoping it was it, it wasn't. haven't had any painful ones since, however the last few days there have been moments i've felt strong pressure down there like if i move my water my break with a slight cramp followed with it but nothing. i swear this kid has to be tough as nails, doing the deed, having a car accident and trying to be active as i can hasn't moved things along...oh well, i'm not miserable either just anticipated things to have ran its course by now. lol

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Not to make you feel worse, but the July board just welcomed our first baby!!!

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I'm still a week away, but don't feel like anything is happening. Still getting the non-painful contractions that sometimes get regular but fizzle out, and occasionally are VERY intense. Baby has been very active the last couple days, which is a change. He calmed way down for the last month or so. I also have been having lots of BM's the last couple days, but I've increased how much water I drink to try to stop the annoying contractions... so that might be why. I'm a lot more comfortable now that I'm more cleaned out though!
Labor started with both my boys a day or two after my due date, so I shouldn't really hold out too much hope for an early delivery. Hope we start having babies soon!
I hate how at this point, I start getting mentally "weak" and just pray that my OB doesn't catch me in an off moment and I agree to an induction... I think I might need to have DH come to my appointments with me to help me be strong. I know I would regret it if I didn't let things happen on their own... sometimes its hard to remember why that's so important to me though.

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I'm due tomorrow and I'm feeling nothing. My first was born on her due date, I sort of hoped that would happen again, but I've given up all hope Smile seriously I think this baby will be in me until September. Sigh...

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My EDD is tomorrow too... and right now... well... I honestly feel like I *could* go any time...but I also feel like I could just hold out for quite some time more. I saw my midwife yesterday and she said baby is way lower than s/he was last Wednesday. We didn't even schedule another appt because she said I'd be calling her soon in labor. So we'll see. I'd love to have a due date baby on 6/6!

My DD came 5 days early, so getting past 39+2, and 3 and 4 was tough....just because there was that bit of expectation there... but... this baby will come when it's ready. I have no doubt about that.

Rebecca, I slept really well last night too... went to bed earlier than I have been lately, and then all three of us (DH, DD and myself) slept til 10am!!! How ridiculous is that???

I am going to see my chiro this afternoon... maybe my left hip is out again (probably, it always is), and after he adjusts me, baby will be like, "Oh yeah!" The night my labor started with DD I had been to the chiro that afternoon as well as had acupressure done. Who knows what it was that made the difference, or if she was just REALLY ready to come out... guess we'll never know!

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I've never anticipated going "early"-- so I'm still just fine (and working and not quite ready to have this baby....) I'm sure by this time next week my tune may change. I'm hoping to have a few days off with my big kids to enjoy before this bean makes his appearance.

I feel good. I'm still going to the gym (mostly to frighten people in the locker room!) I'm still sleeping just fine (my biggest problem is that I wake up with a full bladder and that gives me a doozy of a contraction.....that I have to wait until it passes to get up and pee....) But then I go right back to sleep.

Hang in there ladies! We're going to have a rush of babies very soon. Smile

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"acqualin21" wrote:

Not to make you feel worse, but the July board just welcomed our first baby!!!

I saw that! Congrats to her! He was such a good size for being over a month early! Yay for your first July baby!

I, too, feel like I'm nowhere close! But I still have just over two weeks till my EDD, too. To be completely honest with you, having had DS a month early, I never thought I'd be this far! I always told this little guy to stay until June 7th (38 weeks), but to actually be breathing down on that date is amazing to me! But I seriously feel like I will be here for quite some time! He's not engaged at all and I have less contractions now than I did before! So weird. But at this point, I am grateful. I've had a severe sore throat for the last few days, and I'd like him to wait until that is gone! I have no idea what's going on, but I can barely swallow today! Ugh.

So yeah, I think I'll be here for a while! I have my 38 week appointment tomorrow, so I think I might be curious enough to have her check me and see if ANYTHING is happening!

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I still have almost a month until my due date, but I can't imagine I'll make it that long. Last night I had regular, painful contractions for about an hour. I started timing them about 20 minutes in because I started realizing they were regular and felt "real." I really didn't want to go into labor last night, so I drank 3 huge glasses of water and just hoped they would peter out and they did. Whew! But if this is happening already, how is this baby going to stay in there 4 more weeks? I want him to stay put until June 28 when DH is finally done with his crazy schedule but I'm not holding my breath. I may have my mw check me tomorrow just to see. I know it doesn't mean a lot as far as imminent labor (I was still closed and high a week before DS was born), but I'm still far enough from my due date that I think any dilation or effacement at this point would indicate I probably won't make it that far.

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I'm good to go until my due date, although being a VBAC it makes them antsy to go over...but I've got a week after to work with. I think these babies must just be extra comfy inside! I don't blame them...mine is probably thinking noway do I want to come out with a crazy 3-year old running about!