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When does...

When does baby usually go head down? My little guy is sideways, I can feel him EVERYWHERE!

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I don't know by when it's sort of usually done and dusted, but, I'm starting to get nervous again- my DD was breech and it was a lot of stress, and we ended up having an external version, which I would rather NOT do again, even though it went better than anyone ever expected it to.

Where do you feel kicks? I feel everything very low- definitely below my belly button, but, really even lower. I have a feeling my baby might be sideways right now too, because I feel all movement in the bottom 1/3 of my belly. I just really hope this one gets into the right position on his/her own! I'm going to start watching tv on my hands and knees. Smile

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I'm not sure when they're supposed to turn. Both my boys have been head down by the 30 week mark, but they have plenty of room/time to turn if they're still breech by that point. There's days where I'm 100% sure he's breech bc he kicks my cervix so hard it feels like his foot is going to come out. Other days, I have a very obvious mass way up in my lower rib cage, always on the right side where I feel kicks. I feel movement usually diagonally... like up in my right ribs and also down low by my left hip. At our 20 week u/s, it showed him punching where I thought he was kicking, so I have no idea.

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Bah! Mara I have been watching TV the same way. He feels like he is still sideways and moves both arms and legs at the same time. I can feel him from my ribs to below my bellybutton. There isnt much space between my ribs and hips. lol. People are allready asking me if I am due soon. I go to the dr March 6th, ill ask. Also any body with rib pain?? Good god my left ribs are killing me! Im not sure why.

I think ds was head down by 30 too... it was 5 years ago SO HARD to remember. I feel like this is the first time all over agAIN!

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I have been feeling poking in my ribs too (not painful per se, but definitely uncomfortable)... like I often feel like straightening up and stretching over sideways...it's uncomfortable. BUT, I'm not convinced it's feet there... could just as well be a head just pushing up into my ribs.

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im glad im not alone on this...my lo is sideways too. between my last 2 u/s the baby has migrated north a little, hmm still breach. not stressing over this yet but can say yeah with my lo being sideways i've felt movement from hip to hip....not as much lately, now its more at an upright angle with the babys head up & his feet down from what the las u/s showed

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about a week ago the midwife said baby was sideways with her back to my head (if that makes sense). Her head is on the left side and her feet on the right side. The midwife said sometime around 30 weeks is when we will really look and care about what position she might be in.

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"MrsJD" wrote:

Also any body with rib pain?? Good god my left ribs are killing me! Im not sure why.

Me! My left ribs have been killing me for several weeks, now! It's definitely after I do a lot of standing, that what I've noticed. It's almost like they are being pulled or stretched or something. So weird it's only on the left side, but I wanted to say I've had pain there, too!

Also, about being head-down, I've been reading through Spinning Babies recently, and I read there that transverse (sideways) is totally normal up to and including week 26. They said it's NOT ideal after 30. And I've noticed they've said that about a lot of positions, so I'm thinking MOST babies should be head-down by 30 weeks. That's just my deductions from reading, though, and not medically backed by any means. Wink I tried doing the inversion from SB the other night and it made my head feel like it was going to explode after about 5 seconds, so... yeah, no more. Wink

I wouldn't worry TOO much about baby being sideways right now! There is still a good month for him to move! My guy was sideways at my 20 week u/s. I figured if he's still sideways at my 28 week u/s (repeat u/s to check my cervical length and get some better pics of his face since he refused to look at us!), I'll start seriously doing some stretches to get him to move. My sciatica has been getting more and more frequent, so I'm blaming it on him being transverse at this point! I hope these babies move soon!

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This baby stays sideways and really low. I hardly ever feel him past my belly button; usually when he moves I can feel it on both sides near my hips. DD stayed in my ribs the entire time so this is new having him soooo low! I'd welcome some higher movements Smile

I'm thinking that 30 weeks sounds about right that baby needs to be moving into the head down position based on what my OB said last time.

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This baby is also very low.. heck I don't know what I'm feeling. He's definitely under my belly button and I feel him kick/punch my cervix a lot..no clue if he's sideways or what.

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I have another sideways and low baby here. I am fairly certain this baby is positioned exactly like my DD was from 23 weeks to birth. I could feel her head. In fact, you could see it! I was a freak show at my shower as people were rubbing her little heard poking out on my right side. I have a bicornuate uterus so my daughter was wedged in a breech (but slightly tilted to the right) position until my c/s. When I went into labor at 36 weeks, the doc wanted to confirm her breech position. I should have made a bet with him bc I had zero doubt about her position. It looks like this baby found Jordan's sweet spot and I'm in store for another breech baby.

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My baby is head down, but there is no guarantee that he'll stay that way......though he might.

I love to do the belly mapping and feel out his parts. Right now he is ROA. His back is laying along my right side, head down, with hands and feet to the left. I like to feel his little bum Wink

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I have a ultrasound when I am between 34-36 weeks to make sure baby has moved to the head down position.