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Anyone else having trouble with still eating like you're pregnant? I did really well with my weight gain this pregnancy- only 20lbs, right, so I KNOW I wasn't eating out of control while pregnant- I was obviously eating what I needed to (and having plenty of indulgences, but not TOO many).

But, I feel like I'm still eating a ton now, and granted Z is BFing a ton too, but...

sigh... I'm just so nervous about gaining weight like I did after I had my daughter.

Is anyone starting to exercise? I know it's still early for pretty much all of us. I'm trying to go on walks.

(hi, I'm not even putting together whole sentences! I meant it when I said I needed to whine!)

How are you all doing??

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My double jogging stroller just arrived!!! I'm so excited to take the girls for runs and walks! We'll be starting with walks as I'm still spotting off and on. Lily is nearly a month old and still the spotting! Grr. I was done at 2.5 weeks last time.
As for eating- that's not wild or excessive. I've dropped most all the pregnancy weight, and unlike you, there was a lot to drop Smile
Breastfeeding sure helps though.

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I'm eating much more than I did when I was pregnant, but was able to easily run a mile today. If I'm fine tomorrow when I wake up, I'll do it again. Then add a half mile the next day. My pp bleeding hasn't stopped either but I'm desperate to get rid of this belly. I hate being fat and it's bringing my mood down, especially when it's time to get dressed for the day. I still haven't signed up for weight watchers like I meant to, but plan on doing it on Monday. Food just tastes so darn good and despite knowing I don't need to eat, I always seem to have something in my mouth. Maybe people will stop bringing us food soon...

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Would you like some cheese with the whine? Smile And speaking of cheese, Im addicted to it. Im really craving it these days. Also, it is easy to snack on. But really, and Im ashamed to say, Im SOOOOOO busy trying to juggle baby, DS1 and work (along with a death in the family) that I find I hardly have time to eat like I did when I was preggo. Like - maybe one good meal a day and snacking otherwise. Not good.

And to boot - Im not really losing weight for it. However, while I am not doing any ab work I am doing some minimal exercise to start getting the butt and thighs under control. Having no clothes is driving me crazy (that in between stage). REALLY frustrating. And I refuse to buy new ones for what I hope is only a few months.