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Anyone else? My office is o n the second floor and in the last week or so, I find myself so winded just from climbing the stairs. *sigh*


I still workout three times/week and am fine then, it just seems to be when I get up and do something quickly or try to ascend more than one flight of stairs. Or try to carry something heavy up stairs (our home is 2 story and I'm often lugging things up and down....sometimes a kid!)

This, too, shall pass.....

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omg i am constantly on the go. what is thw worst is baby dr appts. the office i go to has the worst parking and their office is on the 4th floor by the time i get there i feel like i just ran a good mile or so and i am in really good shape. the question i have is anyone had trouble getting up and down lately? was sitting down and had to have someone help me up. uggh embarrassing!

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I just had this happen the other day...I was trying to talk to my mom on the phone and put away laundry...and just walking up the stairs I was gasping for air! My mom was cracking up!

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I started feeling that way very early on. I was so confused because I don't remember that happening with my last pregnancy. I am still having it happen, even just moving around and talking a lot will get me out of breath. It's not that my heart is racing, it's more that I can't get enough oxygen. I guess that is why they say every pregnancy is different??

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Yep, we also live in a two story, and I have to go up and down stairs all day... and I definitely feel it. Worse when I'm carrying DD up the stairs, and worse yet, if I happen to have to take her and her cousin up at once! She CAN walk up and down the stairs, but he's still too young/unsure on the stairs to do it himself. It can be tough!