The word is out...

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The word is out...

That I am preggy....I didn't want it that way but I have my husband's co-workers calling my office expressing their congratulations. DH is excited...but I am still so nervous because it is early.

My youngest, Chloe (4), has spurts of not wanting to walk because all of a sudden "her legs hurt" - so she wants to be picked up. I am trying to break her from it so I tell her my back hurts, she needs to be a big girl, or something of the like. With me being preggy, I really didn't want to lug her around (you pick her up and she automatically becomes dead weight).

So...we finally decided to tell her and I broke it to her like this:

Mommy: "Chloe, remember when I told you that my back hurts when you want me to pick you up?"

Chloe: "Yes, Mommy. It always hurts."

Mommy: "Well, yes it does. However, mommy has a baby in her too!" ...slightly a long pause awaiting her reaction.

Chloe: "No you are not."

Mommy: "Um, yes I am."

Chloe: "Mommy. There is no baby in your tummy." - ok, I have to decide whether to keep arguing with my child or move on. I decide to try once more.

Mommy: "Chloe. Seriously. There is a baby in me."

Chloe: "Oh. Ok, Mommy. There can be a baby in your tummy. Can we name him Johnny Appleseed?"

I chuckle. Then she has this inquisitive look on her face and then states, "But Mommy, I didn't see God throw the baby from the sky. How can it be in your tummy?"

(Not going to go there with her...I am already exhausted by the short converstation and debate round.)

My other child? Excited! No need for a debate with her.

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Ah, what fun!

My DD is only 17 mos, and a few people keep saying to her, "Oh you're going to have a little brother or sister!" And I kind of look at them like, "You know she has no idea what you're talking about right?" I mean, I know she understands a lot of stuff these days...but, she has no concept of brother or sister because she's an only child, a young one at that, and she doesn't hang out with any brothers or sisters either. Eventually, I think we'll start telling her there is a baby in my tummy...but not for a while yet.