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X-post: Bullet points and pictures

Copied this from my lodge....I'm getting close to working on my full story...

Ok- here are my bullet points (posting from bed on my iPod):
-I told Joel to call the midwife at just before 6, went upstairs, got in tub with shower on my back and my water broke like two mins later!
-Some meconium in water and baby had a couple decels, so we hit out/changed position/talked about transfer- but I felt really like everything was ok, so we stayed, and the decels stopped.
-ring of fire is still the worst part of labor for me that makes me want to never do it again (though I think we will!). But this kid has a 15in head!!!!!!! No freaking wonder it hurt!!!
-my midwife and doula were awesome, but my DH was totally my rock- I quite literally leaned and pushed on him almost the whole active labor.
- I delivered standing up, but hunched over the bed, leaning on my DH. DH had a lovely vantage point looking straight between my legs the way we were.
-Beni saw her brother born. My mom was taking care of her and she was AWESOME with her. I could hear them playing and laughing downstairs, and when they were up here, I could hear my mom explaining to Beni what was going on, why I was moaning, etc. Beni was doing "support moaning" which was too cute.
-I don't think my butt will EVER be the same. I can't even sit right now the roids are so big. Ouch!!!
-Zintis was born at 9:06pm on 6/6/12- weighed 9lbs5oz (my midwife joked it would have been 6oz if he hadn't pooped inside!) and is 22 inches long. Everyone keeps saying he's so big, but compared to Beni, he just seems tiny to me!!!

Alright ladies... no birth story yet...but here are some pics! A couple from labor/birth and then a couple taken today...

A few minutes before I asked DH to call the midwife/doula, and before my water broke...

A few seconds old...

A few minutes old...

A couple hours old... getting ready to be weighed/measured...I think this pic shows off his size! Smile

2 days old

Our "Little Dude" Smile

Oh, and his name is pronounced just as its spelled (I think!)- Zin- like in Zinfandel and -tis rhymes with miss.

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Yay you!!!! What a handsome (big) boy. You are more woman than I'll ever be. Congratulations mama. SmileSmileSmile

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Thanks for sharing, love the pictures!

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Thanks for sharing! What a handsome chunky monkey he is! Also, in that photo, your daughter looks like your carbon copy, down to haircuts Smile

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aww...congrats, the first belly pic is so precious.

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He is so big and handsome! I love the pics, I'll bet DH is so excited to have a boy...Congrats again Mara!

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I love this! He is so handsome and how awesome that everything worked out so you could stay at home. How sweet of Beni to do the support moaning. Makes me think you may have a little MW on your hands. Wink Love his name too! Congrats!