Are you still pregnant!

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Are you still pregnant!

Everyday I get about 5 text and a million other calls/ questions are you still pregnant or the simple question.... well?? I know people are just wondering but it has really started to annoy me! My hubby even txt me in the morning when I get up to see if I'm ok which is also starting to get to me! Anyone else like this?

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Yes! Everytime I call DH at work he goes, "Is it time?" I think he's just messing with me, but c'mon! Also, my mom calls about twice a day to see how I'm feeling! Lol I think after having had DS a month early somewhat unexpectedly, this waiting game is KILLING my parents!! Ha! My MIL is constantly asking, "How's mama?", which annoys me, too! I know we're all anxious to meet him, but there is nothin' I can do right now. It's all up to him! Smile

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This is just starting for me since I'm only 37 weeks, but I have actually started a couple phone conversations with "I'm not in labor..."

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Yep same here and it's getting frustrating!!

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Oh my.. I was just saying to a friend that this is driving me especially nuts this time.

Ive been answering "nope had the baby a few weeks ago, I'm hiding it from you in the basement" or " nope not pregnant anymore, I just perfected the waddle so well I thought, why not continue to walk this way"
These answers generally shut people up, especially since most know I'm not a sarcastic person unless I'm annoyed. Why do they insist on reminding me that I am huge, miserable, sore and STILL pregnant?

The other question that's driving me nuts is "what do YOU feel the baby is?!" I have no idea, so it bugs me