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This baby boy sits so low in my pelvis that he ruts his head around on my cervix more than any of my other kidlets have.

And sometimes it really hurts!

Anyone else dealing with a really low baby?

My MW says this is good, he is putting good pressure on the cervix and will help open it-- but man. Sometimes I'm sitting in a meeting and he moves just right and ZOINK -- it is shocking. Or when I'm walking......

We are all so close!

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I definitely notice this one lower than my other two. I swear I'll be out walking and I get such a jolt down there I almost stop in my tracks and once I almost grabbed down there in public I thought something was going to fall out. It definitely hurts when you get a good amount of pressure or a good head whack.

I feel your pain,Thankfully only a bit more to go..

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That happens to me sometimes too. When I was still in class, it would take me by surprise and I would end up almost yelling... I got some weird looks. It hasn't been happening as much now, but I've been getting really bad pulling pains in my groin/upper thigh area. I can't walk when it happens because it hurts and feels really tight.

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I've had some very uncomfortable pressure/pulling. Nothing too terrible. Hang in there! Not much longer. Smile

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Ha! I laugh because this happens multiple times a day with this little boy. He gives me some good head butts in the cervix quite often that make me stop.

I even get muscle cramps in my groin and butt cheeks...they typically happen right as he's pressing down. Talk about an interesting combination...I always laugh because it takes me by surprise although totally not enjoyable!