&*^$%$# I am switching doctors.

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&*^$%$# I am switching doctors.

Ok. So last time I was really irked by how the doctor treated me, and this time was even worse. I brought up three issues 1. Getting a sinus infection (really common for me and if I don't treat it it turns into bronchitis which quickly turns into pneumonia) 2. My hips are friggen killing me 3. I have been having a ridiculously high amount of anxiety lately.
Dr starts off on the sinus infection, how do I know it's a sinus infection and well it could not be a sinus infection and I should really be seeing my PCP and an allergist about this. I am paying a doctor for a visit already this week just write a damned script for antibiotics not act like I am asking for a Vicoden prescription. AND He has made such an issue out of this he doesn't even address the other concerns of my hips and my anxiety. THEN when I am asking about billing he tries to blow me off, LIKE WTF I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU PEOPLE ARE CHARGING ME!!! The the girl that came out to talk to me about billing was rude.
So I am changing doctors. Maybe hopefully to a midwife/birthcenter that won't be too far from our new apartment, or I will just go back to the doctor I had with DS who listened to what I had to say and didn't take 3.5 seconds in the visit after waiting for an hour...

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Wow, that sucks!!! I won't get a prescription from anyone but my OB during pregnancy. I like my OB to know exactly what I take because he prescribed it!

With my first I switched doctors at 35 weeks. Best decision I ever made. Nothing wrong with switching late in the game!!!

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See that was my thinking, if I was to take medication during pregnancy I want to know that the doctor who prescribed it is 100% sure it is safe for the baby. Plus why would I pay yet another copay if I am already at a doctor?... meh

The Birth Center For Kansas City, Overland Park & Olathe | New Birth CompanyNew Birth Company This is the place I hope to switch to, they look pretty nice.

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I'm so sorry this happened to u. I hope u find a dr that answers your questions and helps you.

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Ugh, how annoying. I really hope you can find somewhere to switch to that works out better for you!

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I hope you are able to find the best fit for you. It is frustrating to need to go to yet another doc appointment...like we don't have enough of those right now. Hope you feel better too and your sinus issue doesn't turn into anything worse. :bighug:

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UGH! That sounds so terrible. I totally know what you're saying about them getting annoyed when you ask too many questions about billing. They were TOTALLY like that to me in Atlanta. Like they wanted to do some nasal rinse to see if I had the flu...like, are you going to treat it any differently if I do? Also, I never did even find out the results. Total cash grab in my mind. That said, I've never been to a hospital in Canada for the flu, so maybe they'd have done that too? Not sure.

Anyways, I hope you find someone really great and very attentive. I was reading some birth stories in a book of mine today and the one common thread is how important it is to have a birth helper who you jive with!

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That is so frustrating! I agree that any medicine I;m going to take, especially prescription is going to come from my OB at this stage in the game.

I swtiched at 18 weeks - ish with DS and I was so happy with my decision. I'm with the same doctors this time around too.

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I got an appt. with the midwife group I liked. Won't be until the 18th but eh. I go on a tour of the offices and birth center next Monday.

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Sounds like the best plan for you. No reason to deal with rude doctors when there are so many great ones out there.

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Glad you found somewhere else to go. My OB office irked me the other day - I've had asthma since I was born and I needed a new inhaler so I asked for a 'script and they told me I had to go see my regular doctor for that. I was like seriously? It's an inhaler. I haven't seen a "regular" doctor in YEARS and..I'm already here and you KNOW I have asthma, so..what gives? Thankfully, last week I saw a different doctor (same office) and she gave me a 'script, no questions asked.