1 Month Marshall

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1 Month Marshall

M was 1 month last week! Thing are going so quickly. At his appt 2 days after he turned 1 month he weighed 10 lbs 13 oz and was 24" long. (up from 8 lbs 10.5 oz and 21") Here is his monthly picture...

big sis wanted to get in for one too. Biggrin

M is a great baby so far! The only times he is sad is when he is hungry, has a wet diaper or has gas. We have been struggling a bit with gas lately but it's not SUPER bad or anything. His awake time is increasing and he's very content laying on his play mat and can even hit the toys sometimes! He talks to his toys on the play mat too. It's so funny.

Sleep is going well here...M is normally up once or twice a night. If I wake him and feed him before I go to sleep it's normally only once. He loves the car so far and as long as he's fed and dry he'll fall asleep as soon as the car seat goes into the car. LOL

Here's a cute photo from the weekend:

His spikey hair cracks me up. Blum 3

Oh, I forgot to say, we have had some smiles but I'm hard pressed to get a photo of him smiling. I'll have to keep working on it. Sometimes he smiles when I tickle his feet. LOL

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He's so cute. I love the hair. Asher is so bald.

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Great pics and way to grow Marshall!

I'll have to try tickling my little girl's feet for a smile Wink

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I'm glad things are going well! We've been dealing with some gas too. No fun!

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He is sooo cute!

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so adorable!!

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So sweet!

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