1 month old today

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1 month old today

I can't believe it's been a month already. I only have 4 weeks if maternity leave left so halfway gone! It'll be over way too quickly. Sad

Ainsley goes for her 1 month check up on Friday. She's been such a sleeper from birth. She's been increasing her awake time lately and I'm hoping to see a real smile before too long. She likes to watch my face when I talk to her. Her eyes get so big but no smiles yet. Here's a pic I took on Friday at 4 weeks old:

Sorry so big, I'm on my phone and can't resize.

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Maybe its something about being born on that day?? Noah is a sleeper too!

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She's getting big! They change so fast. It makes me sad.

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Time flies by

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Aweeeee, look at her! She's so cute. I like her outfit too.

M has started to really focus on faces and we've had a few smiles here and there too. Try tickling her...M sometimes smiles when I tickle his feet. LOL. Sneaky mommy. Blum 3

I agree, they are growing up TOO fast. It's a bit bittersweet.

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So cute! Asher was a major sleeper too. In the past couple of weeks he really has woken up.

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She's a doll! I hate that feeling when maternity leave is becoming less and less. I have 5 weeks left and I'm already dreading it. It has gone be so fast.

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So pretty!